Friday, December 3, 2010


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1. Vegetable Soup - my son made a really big pot this week and have been eating it all week. It's so much better once it sits a day or so. Plus it warms the body up on these cold days.

2. Scrapbooks - I'm a scrapbooker and I'm always looking for new things and ideas to scrapbook with. I've even got a blog where I put all my scrapbook stuff. It's called My Journal. It's a Journal of my scrapbooking. This is a new page I done this week. It was last fall and we were having the last cook out of the year. It was kind of chilly. My hubby is watching the fire till it burns down. Our son is the griller here. He uses wood instead of gas or charcoal.

3. Libraries - I love my library. When I need or want a book, they are all so helpful in getting it if they don't have it. I've got a couple books waiting there now that they got.

4. Babies - We have lots of those right now. We have twins, Bella and Luke, and my niece just had a set of twin boys. Got to visit them. They are so tiny. This is Hunter and Hayden at 3 weeks old.

5. My Camera - I love my camera. It catches some of the most important events in my life. This is one I caught yesterday. My son napping with his daughter Bella. They look so peaceful laying there.

Have a great Friday!!


  1. Ooh, babies and scrapbooks and soup! Sounds like my kind of week!

    Thanks for sharing your list and your photos!

  2. Did someone say "scrapbook" this is a magic word around here.

    Oh it must be wonderful to have twins. I always wanted a large family. It is going to be a soup and scrapbook week I just declared it. ya

  3. I've got twins too! So I know all about the joy of twins.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.
    SAndra x

  4. Thanks for stopping looks like we both love our camera and all those wonderful memories that come with it.
    I love making my photo albums on line...I use Shutterfly. It's similar to scrap booking..just another wonderful way to store our memories.

  5. I love your list! I totally agree with the camera. It does allow us to capture precious moments. Sweet sweet babies.

    I love my library too and it often makes my list. I will take soup anyday. Love it.


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