Friday, September 9, 2022


 this quilt top....just have to put a couple cars on the road.  Then it will be a filmsy.  This is my See ya Later Alligator Blog Hop..The story behind this quilt is a trip my hubby and I took about 30 years ago to Canada.  On the way there it was nothing but Pine trees, a kaziillon of them.

Now I need to figure out what to make for the Gremlins and Goblins Blog Hop. 


 I have a couple months to work on this one.  I'll start the goggle process of searching for gremlins and goblins.

In the mean time, I've got some catching up on some of my monthly challenges. But first I've got to cut some Muslin blocks.  And I want to start a new will be Chickens.  But this will be a slow working I'll be working on  it once in a while.

Thursday, September 8, 2022


I've obsessed by this quilt...trying to get it to a filmsy.  The last border is going on now.  This quilt is for the See ya Later Alligator Blog Hop being hosted by  Head over and check out all the folks that are joining.  Here's list of folks that will be posting on Friday...go check them out.

Creatin' in the Sticks - me 

Food For Thought - me

DayBrook Designs 

Just Because Quilts

You can't see it in this picture, but light brown is the last border. Yea!!!  Now maybe I can work on something else.  I really want to make another Alphabet Snowman.  The next letter will "B".  Plus I have to add the cars....2 on each side.

While I was blog hopping yesterday....I saw lots of new ideas for a if I need ideas...that usually gets me in trouble...ha ha

The one that caught my eye was a Cup quilt.  It was so cute!  In the mean time, I've still got the Red Work quilt in the hoop to be tied...only have a couple more rows to do.  Then the Boo quilt goes in the hoop.  This  won't take long to's a small quilt.

I also need to make my Blue birdhouse for RSC 2020.  And my National Day Lama needs done for September.  But, I'll finish up the See ya Later Alligator quilt...I need to put a couple cars on the road.  Plus I want to make a couple table runners with orange...

I've got a lot of orange fat quarters.  I sorted them out last night.

So I've plenty to keep me busy.  Have a wonderful.......

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022


 came out last night.  Remember the See ya Later Alligator quilt I'm working, well here it is with the BIG boo boo.  Hop over and check out these folks post.  Their posts will be for Thursday, August 25th.

Creatin' in the Sticks - me,Quilted Delights,,,,Just Because Quilts

Both sides have 5 blocks, but as you can see it's not right.  So last night I ripped the trees off and separated all the trees.  Found the problem, some of the blocks are 8" and some are 8 1/2".  

I sorted through them and found enough the right size and sewed them on.

Next comes the water, representing Lake Michigan.  With a pretty blue.  I'll cut this into 2" strips and sew them on tonight.

Then to hold it all together will be a brown.  

I'll put a around all that  as the last border, not sure what color I'm using, but I'll figure it out.

Hope you all have a wonderful.....

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Tuesday, September 6, 2022


 My list from last week....

1.  Get busy and tie the Red Work Quilt.👎

2. Catch up on my TAST stitches.👎

3.  Start cutting fabric for the Snowman Quilt.

 The list isn't very good this week....a squirrel

popped into my sewing room last week...and so the Snowman quilt was born.  Here is my first Alphabet Snowman.....A snowman.

The Red Work quilt is still in the hoop.....still waiting!!!!

 I didn't do any TAST stitches last I'm 8 behind.  I need to cut some 81/2" muslin squares and get these started...or I'm never going to get caught up.  

 This is the last block I did...Week 30, Lock Stitch.

Oh, by the way, you can check out Sharon's TAST over at Pintangle...go check it out.

I did get a few more Granny Squares done for the Crochet Along.  I need  to sew 4 more onto this row.

My To-Do list for

September 6gh through September 12th

1. Make more Alphabet Snowmen.


3.  Do TAST stitches catch up.

4. More Granny Squares.

5. Do some more Down on the Farm blocks.

That's it's for today...have an awesome.... 

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Monday, September 5, 2022


 I've got a new quilt I'm working's and Alphabet Snowman.  The first one is done...just have to add the embroidery to it.

This is "A"...snowman.  

And I've got Block 2 done of Down on the Farm....

And I'm working on Block 3 now.  Not sure where this quilt is going right now, I'm just enjoying the embroidery work.  Have an awesome.....

The big Cedar Tree out front is loaded with Pine Cones this year.

 Have an awesome....

Sunday, September 4, 2022


 My stitching to do today is going to be my Snowman.  I finally got my fabric cut and my first Snowman is ready to sew down.

I still need to fix my See ya Alligator quilt.  I'm not sure what went wrong.....but is is really you see the boo boo?  I'm going to have to rip it apart and start over.....The trees are throwing the whole thing off.  So off they go!

If I have time I'll make some more little stars. Or crochet some more Granny Squares.  That's is for today...hope you all have a stitching.....

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