Thursday, October 29, 2020


 what happened to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....I've lost 3 days somewhere...I suppose the calendar can't be wrong, so it must be Thursday....that of course means it's I Like Thursdays day.

When I cleaned off my project table a couple weeks ago...I found the rest of my RSC blocks...I found April, May and June has some embellishment done.  14 more to go.

I got the Umbrella quilt in the hoop.  I think I'll tie it with black or blue yarn...I'll see how that looks.

 Anyone doing the From The Heart Blog Hop?  Today is my day for doing mine.  The pin cushion I made is my contribution.  I made one for myself and one for my niece, Zoe, she's learning to quilt...and needed a pin cushion.  Here are some folks also doing the Hop today.

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I really like my new pin can see the video by clicking the link...I've been wanting to make one of these for a while.  Just didn't try it, because it looked really complicated.  I found a video on line of how to make it.  Mine doesn't look exactly like theirs, but I'm happy with it.

I finished up my Hello Fall block...

And I've started another Scarecrow block done in embroidery...he's almost finished.

T.V.  I've started re-watching The X Files on Hulu...haven't watched these for years.  Some of them I remember and some I don't.

As for reading, I've given up on Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.  just couldn't get interested in this book.  My thinking on there are lots of other books I want to read...."why waste my time reading a book I don't like.)  And I got a call from my library club has been cancelled this we are on for November 6 now.  So I've gone back to my Kindle Fire...I'm reading All Lies by Andrew Cunningham.  This is book 1 of 5.

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Well I guess that's it for today...hope you

Sunday, October 25, 2020


I have been sewing on embellishments to my Crazy Quilt blocks.  I am on the last one for October.  Sew on a button and do some embroidery work.

I am also working on an embroidery block for my Christmas's a scarecrow Santa.  Just got started on this one.

And I cut this blue strip for my Christmas Sampler...don't know what I'm going to do with it, maybe a Christmas scene.  

I'll be shifting quilts around today...the Bee Quilt will be taken out of the hoop and the Umbrella Quilt will go into the hoop to get tied.

If I get done with the Crazy Quilt blocks..I'll do some work on the Crazy Quilt...the 12" will have to be done by hand as I can't put it on the hoop because of all the embellishments.  Not sure how I'm going to do's a pretty heavy quilt, so having it lay on my lap may not work...we'll see what I can come up with this one.

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Have a....

Saturday, October 24, 2020


 I've been working on my RSC 2020 blocks.  I'm making Crazy Quilt blocks for this...I've got most of them embellished...but still have a few more to catch up on from the beginning of the year.

Right now I'm working on the October blocks...the color for October is yellow...

Block 1.....this one is done.

Block 2 ....this one is done.

Block 3,,,,I'm going to add a few flowers and buttons to this one.

Block 4 ...haven't started this one yet.

Block 5...this one is done.

So that makes 1 to finish and 1 to statrt....

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Hope you all have a.....

Thursday, October 22, 2020

I LIKE......

 the way the sun shines on the trees...some have lost all their leaves and some are still turning colors.


The guys brought us 2 loads of wood this morning....we've ordered 5 3 more to go.

Yesterday was a productive day for me....I got the Umbrella and Crazy quilt sandwiched...they both need to be tied and bond.

And I finished the embroidery of a block for my Fall Sampler...excuse the poor picture quality.

I've been watching The Crown on Netflix...really good show...

And I'm still reading Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.  It's not going too fast...I can't seem to get into reading this book.  I may not finish it.

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Well that's it for me...hope you all... 

Tuesday, October 20, 2020


 Today is that means my To-Do Tuesday list is ready to list from last week.

1. Organize the project table.✔

2. Finish embellishing the RSC blocks.

3. Work on Cat/Mouse blocks.

I got 2 of three done this week.  I didn't finish the embellishing of the RSC blocks..I got 2 of them done.  I need to put some beads on the second one and it will be done.

I put the features on the pink mouse.

And my project table got cleaned off, well except for the dust...I forgot that part.  And organized into ziploc bags.

So it wasn't a bad week....but I think I should have done better...but the way I've been feeling I consider this a WIN for me!  What's up for next week's To-Do List...

October 20th through October 27

1. Finish the Crazy Quilt blocks.

2. Finish the embroidery for the Fall Sampler.

3. Clean my desk from top to's really messy at the moment.

And over at Pintangle, it's TAST Tuesday...the stitch this week is Fancy Herringbone Stitch.  Hop over to Sharon's place and check out the stitch this week.

Well that's my week so far.  Hope you all...

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Monday, October 19, 2020


 several projects as usual...I've been doing some embroidery...I really like doing embroidery...if I had to choose between quilting and embroidery...well....I couldn't...I love them both.

I've been working on a piece for my Fall Sampler...

And I have one picked out for my Christmas Sampler...haven't started this one yet...but it will be next..hopefully you can see what it is...the picture didn't come out very good.  I also got a snowman done for my sampler...

I've also been working on my RSC 2020 blocks...I'm making Crazy Quilt blocks for this one...the color for October is is block 1 almost done...just some more embroidery to do on the red corner.

Well, that's it for now...what have your been working on...head over and to Love Laugh Quilt for Monday Making to see what everyone is working on.

Have an awesome......

Thursday, October 15, 2020


 As part of my 100 Goals, I listed cleaning off my project table...this is what it looked like...

So I spent the morning yesterday doing that...I can say the table is cleaned off, well except for the dust...I forgot that.  And all my projects are in a pretty box in baggies and labeled.

And here is my new projects box...

While I was cleaning the table off, I found enough Crazy Quilt blocks to make another quilt top.  So now I have two Crazy Quilts to work on.

I also found some teapots and cups that I'd made a few years ago...

So I think I have a few projects to keep me all I need get out of this quilting slump...I've got 2 quilts to put together and not in the mood to do that.  Oh well, they will be there when I'm ready.  Hope you all have a wonderful....

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020


 trying to figure out what I'm I haven't been feeling well this past week...what I call the "just don't feel like myself" weeks.  I've been jumping all over the place on my projects...I think the problem is, I've got waaaay to many things going on.  My mind just doesn't know what to pick up and work on.  And my little table I use to put my projects on is so dis-organized I can't find anything I WANT to work on.  So starting today the projects are getting organized, into gallon size zip lock baggies and labeled.  

I missed To-Do Tuesday last I guess I'll make a new list of To-Do's.

October 13th  though October 19th

1. Organize the project table.

2. Finish embellishing the RSC blocks.

3. Work on Cat/Mouse blocks.

I did manage to finish the Pumpkin block of my Fall Sampler...and started the Christmas Sampler.

 No luck getting the Umbrella and Crazy Quilt together.  At this stage of my confusion, it seems to be bigger than Mt Everest.  


So these two quilts may go into November...we'll see what happens.

 And over at Pintangle it's TAST(Take a Stitch Tuesday).....what is the new stitch this week...Woven Cross Stitch...head over and check this out.

Well, that's it for today...hope you all....

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