Thursday, October 15, 2020


 As part of my 100 Goals, I listed cleaning off my project table...this is what it looked like...

So I spent the morning yesterday doing that...I can say the table is cleaned off, well except for the dust...I forgot that.  And all my projects are in a pretty box in baggies and labeled.

And here is my new projects box...

While I was cleaning the table off, I found enough Crazy Quilt blocks to make another quilt top.  So now I have two Crazy Quilts to work on.

I also found some teapots and cups that I'd made a few years ago...

So I think I have a few projects to keep me all I need get out of this quilting slump...I've got 2 quilts to put together and not in the mood to do that.  Oh well, they will be there when I'm ready.  Hope you all have a wonderful....

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  1. I think sorting and putting things away is the most stimulating thing for creative types ! I always find/think of things while clearing it out, and your blocks are so cute

  2. Organized is awesome! And hooray for found blocks! Now they will be ready when you are! Have a great weekend!

  3. Congrats on cleaning the project table! That's a serious task. It's always amazing what you can find. lol.

  4. Well done on the sorting and the subsequent finds. Some lovely projects to head to the finish line in the future.

  5. I just love reorganizing and finding wonderful things! Great post and thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Congrats on getting your project box all cleaned off - DEFINITELY something to like!!

  7. Nothing like clearing something off, finding some cool projects to keep working on AND making a big check mark on your list. And it does look like you e got those projects well organized!


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