Leaf Quilt--needs sandwiched, tied and bound.

Red Work is sandwiched.

 In the Hoop                                                      

Under The Sea--needs sandwiched, tied, and bound.

 Frog Quilt  - DONE

March 31st

Sunbonnet Sue-DONE

Finished March 10th, 2021

Overall Sam  - DONE

Finished March 14, 2021

Teapot Quilt - DONE

Finished June 2, 2021

RSC2020--these are 8" crazy quilt blocks...progressing.

12" Crazy Quilt is in the Hoop to be tied.

Quilty 365 is a Filmsy.

Salt and Sand - needs sandwiched and binding DONE✔ 

Finished October 5, 2021


Tile Quilt - DONE

Finished June 11, 2021


Improve Quilt - DONE

Finished July 6, 2021


String Quilt -needs more blocks.

ABC Quilt - needs put together.

National Day Calendar Quilt - DONE

Finished February 15, 2022

Alexis's Quilt -is a Filmsy.

Orange You Glad Guilt -needs binding.DONE

Finshed October 10, 2021 


Candy Hearts - DONE

Finished December 6, 2021

Zoe's Flags - DONE

Finished July 24, 2022

Christmas Sampler -is Sandwiched.

RSC 2021 Baskets -DONE 

Finished December 6th, 2021 

RSC 2022 Birdhouses

Needs more blocks.


Needs sandwiched, tied and binding.


Polar Bears -DONE

Finished January 2021

Tiny Tiles

Needs more blocks.

Fall Sampler - needs more blocks.

1930's Sunbonnet Sue - needs more blocks.

National Day Calendar Quilt 2022 - Progressing


2022 Color Challenge Quilt - Progressing

Hand Picked Quilt - Progressing

TAST Quilt(Take a Stitch Tuesday)- progressing.

Pink Baskets - needs more blocks

Is a Filmsy..

Zoe's Flag Quilt

Finished July 24, 2022       

Snowman Quilt needs blocks

See ya Later Alligator - needs sewed together.

Stars - needs more blocks.


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