Wednesday, August 12, 2020

HQAL AND RSC 2020.....

 Hi everyone...I've been kind of slack about blogging the last couple of weeks...haven't had much to say or show you.  Working on the same things...which gets boring after a while.  What have I NOT been working on????  The Bee Quilt for one....way toooo HOT to have a quilt laying on my I'll be showing you what I HAVEN'T got done...

 I didn't get any of the bee hives done...the quilt is laying on my cutting table.  I think this will be a winter project.  On a good note...I did get the last of my purple crazy quilt blocks embellished.  So I'm all caught up for August, which is's a couple blocks I've finished...

Today the plan is to cut some rain drop fabric for borders for my umbrella quilt.  First I have to lay it out and see how I want it organized...I have a picture of it in my mind...we'll see how that comes out.

I think I'll throw in a few blocks of the rain drip fabric with umbrella's on it.  I'll have to see how that know when you get picture of what you want a quilt to look like?  That's what I'm thinking about now...but haven't got it all worked out yet.  Well, that's it for now..have an awesome....

Tuesday, August 11, 2020


On to this week's To-Do Tuesday list....

August 4th through August 10th

1. Zoe's Quilt
2. Pull fabric for Zoe's Quilt binding.
3. Work on Valentine Quilt
4. Cut some raindrop fabric for borders on Umbrella Quilt

1.  about Zoe's quilt....I seem to have lost my mojo for getting this quilt done...ummm....

2.  Got the fabric pulled for Zoe's Quilt binding..I'm going with black...I think it will set the colors in the quilt really good.

3. Got the Valentine quilt on the cutting table and's awaiting it's turn on the hoop to be tied.


4. Didn't get the raindrop fabric cut...I had company all my sewing schedule got  all messed up...I had 5 teenagers visiting this past week...I wouldn't recommend that to the time they all left I was ready to pull out my hair!!!   So there wasn't too much sewing done this week.  I did get a few more umbrella's done.

Sharon over at Pintangle hosts TAST every's a chance to learn new embroidery stitches......this week it's the Lock Stitch.  Here's's a bit wonky, but I like it.

 .I use these on my Crazy Quilt blocks.  I'm using these for the RSC 2020 Challenge.

To-Do List

August 11 through August 17

1.  Finish tying Zoe's Quilt(fingers crossed)

2. Cut Rain Drop fabric

3. Cut binding for Zoe's Quilt

4. Cut binding for Valentine Quilt

5. Finish block 4/for RSC 2020

Have an awesome....

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


I have lots of them!!  I've been trying to get some of them done this year.  So far I've got 5 of them done...
4th of July Quilt, ABC Quilt, Easter Quilt, Happy Scrappy Quilt, and Spring Quilt.  The thing that helped me get these done is a UFO Challenge...I was blog hopping one day and ran across Dreamworthy Quilts...Ann has a UFO challenge going on over at her place.....the Number Draw UFO Challenge....want to know more about this...just click on the link. 
My Number Draw for July is Zoe's Quilt....
sorry to say I didn't get it done.  It was so blasted hot in July...high 80's and 90's with high humidity...toooo hot to have a quilt laying on my lap.  But I'm still plugging away at it...hoping to get it tied at least in the next couple days...the binding may have to wait...we'll see.

The August number for the UFO challenge is number 7 on my list...but I've already done number 7...the Easter Quilt
So I've bumped another quilt up to # UFO for August is the Valentine Quilt
the top is done, just needs sandwiched, tied and binding put on.  This is another small it shouldn't take too long to finish....just have to get in the mood to drag out the cutting table and walk around it a gazzillion times....I may also put the Boo Quilt together while I have the cutting table out.  It's also a small quilt.
Hope everyone has an awesome.....

Tuesday, August 4, 2020


To-Do Tuesday
July 28th to August 3rd
1. Finish Zoe's Quilt (one way or another...this will be done!)
2. Do more Umbrella Blocks
3. Cut binding for Zoe's Quilt
4. Pick out a project for August One Monthly Goal

1. Well, I guess 2 out of 4 is good....kind of.  It's going to be cool here in Northeastern Indiana the next 4 days...then back to hoping I can get Zoe's quilt done...I haven't got the binding fabric picked out yet...I'm thinking about using black...what do think about black binding?  Let me know.

I was going to work on it yesterday...but got sidetracked by my son...he's putting the new linoleum down in the hallway, which needed a good cleaning before laying the I spent the better part of the day doing that.  Thus Zoe's quilt didn't get worked on.  

2. I did get some more Umbrella blocks done and my fabric I'm using for the borders came yesterday...
The raindrop fabric is a little bluer...the picture is kind of dull looking....this will be the borders for the umbrella's. 

3. I did pick out my OMG project for's my Valentine Quilt...the top is done, just needs sandwiched, tied and binding put on.  So I'll be working on that for August.
Since this is a small quilt..if time allows I may also get the Boo quilt done...we'll see..
I also got started on my RSC 2020 Crazy Quilt the blocks all done and have started embellishing them....
All the embroidery I've placed is Running Stitch, Cross Stitch, Cable can find all these stitches over at Sharon's place, Pintangle...she has a stitch dictionary so you can find the stitches...I also do the TAST every week...
Week 28-Breton Stitch
Week 29-Pekinsese Stitch

So my To-Do List for

August 4th through August 10th

1. Zoe's Quilt
2. Pull fabric for Zoe's Quilt binding.
3. Work on Valentine and Boo Quilts
4. Cut some raindrop fabric for borders on Umbrella Quilt

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 Hope you all have a safe and happy......

Monday, August 3, 2020


What is my title about?  Do I really need another project to work on...ummm, not really, but I saw a temperature quilt made of hexies and I really like it...sooooo...yea I goggled a hexie, got a pattern....
So now I'm going to be working on a hexie temperature quilt....can't wait to get started on this. 

I went looking through some of my old pictures for this, it's for Nature Notes over at Rambling Woods....

A few years ago me and the hubby went to our park to see if they had any new "critters" there.  They have a small animal not too many "critters".  But they did have a....
Yes that's a peacock...he's up on the roof of one of the buildings....the sky was the picture looks like it's black and white.  But he is in color.

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