Thursday, July 2, 2020


Do you have lots of little pieces of fabric...not big enough to do anything with....I started using them to make what I call a Shape Blocks...
Years ago I was participating in the 350 Blocks Projects over at Shelly's place..Prairie Moon....sorry to say I didn't get many done before I gave up....Shelly was also doing something she called...Tile Quilt...This popped into my head a few day I started browsing around until I found it.  I've decided to do a Tile Quilt out of my tiny pieces of scraps...I can't show Shelly's , but here's mine...
I keep adding pieces until I get the block as full as I want it, then I'll trim it down to a size I like.  I'm going to play around with different background fabrics and see what I can do with them. 
Have you been having hot and humid weather?  It's keeping me from working on a quilt I've got in the needs tied...having it laying on me is really miserable...We have for the last 2 weeks...High 80's and the humidity has steadily been creeping up.  Today it's 85..but feels like 87...the humidity is at 52% and the dew point is at 65...which all together makes it feel miserable.  I am thankful our air conditioner is working...please excuse the dust!
 I thought I would share some blogs for never know you might find your next quilt idea.


And this makes me happy every time I glace up...they are sitting on top of my computer desk..I've collected these little toys that my grand kids had at one time or another over the years...I keep adding new ones when the new wears off.  And DON'T look at the DUST...please!
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Tuesday, June 30, 2020


To- Do Tuesday

June 23 through June 29
1. Tie Zoe's quilt
2. Make more Crazy Quilt Blocks
3. Work on Cat Quilt

To-Do #1
Been working on Zoe's's been so blasted hot and humid here...that's it really hard to work on a quilt...even with the air conditioner's hot and muggy.  I'm doing this quilt for the UFO Number Draw Challenge and OMG for July.

 To-Do #2
I'm all caught up on my RSC blocks...January - June...waiting to see what the new color for July is.  Now I just have to embellish them.

To-Do #3

 I got 1 Cat block done.   Not quite sure how this quilt is going to turn out.  Haven't made up my mind as what to do with it.  I'll have to think about this one a while.  My cat still needs eye balls and whiskers..

Over at Sharon's place, Pintangle, it's TAST Tuesday(Take a Stitch Tuesday).  The stitch this week is Crossed is mine...It's a little wonky, but that's ok with me.  I'll get better at it with lots of practice...I'm planning on using the TAST stitches I've been learning on the Crazy quilt blocks for my RSC.

To-Do List
June 29th through July 6th
1. Work on tying Zoe's Quilt.(is a iffy thing as it's suppose to be in high 80's and 90's.)
2.  Do embellishment on Crazy Quilt blocks.
3.   Do some more Cat blocks.
4.  Cut and make binding for Zoe's Quilt.
5.  Sort through fabric for Red Work Quilt.

Have a great....

Monday, June 29, 2020


I Dream of Murder - Catherine Dexter

A teenage boy is haunted by a dream from his childhood in which a young woman is murdered in the park across from his house. But he soon discovers that his nightmare is all too true, in this spine-tingling mystery.(Amazon)

I bought this book at our library book sale last fall.  It is listed as a Junior Fiction book.  My library has a lot of Junior Fiction books...they are really good books...I've read several of them...If you like mysteries... you love this book.  Jere keeps have a dream of seeing someone shot in the park across the street from his house.  He can't explain it, until he tells his mother about the dream...just by chance. Jere and his friend Avery go to the Zoo and Jere sees someone that seems familiar to him.

Can't say anything else as it will give away the book.  I give this book *****

This book is for 3 of my reading challenges....

Color Coded Challenge
Alphabet Soup Challenge
Book Jar Challenge

Sunday, June 28, 2020


I haven't worked on the Bee Quilt this week..had to take it out of the hoop to get Zoey's quilt in the hoop to tie it.  Zoey's quilt needs to be done by August...and the quilt is kind of bigger than I usually make my it's going to take a while to get it done. 
I have started on one of the large blocks of my bee quilt.  I was waiting for my black and brown quilting thread to get here.  I finally arrived last week.  This is what I've got done so far.
Here's a close up of one of the bees...
I'm a really slow quilter and I'm sure my quilt will never win a ribbon...but I'm doing my best and  it makes me happy seeing the progress I'm making...joining this HQAL has gave me the inspiration to work on this quilt.  Thank you everyone for the push!

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I'm also still working on my Crazy Quilt blocks...have a nice little pile done...

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Hope everyone has and awesome stitching....

Saturday, June 27, 2020


It's a rainy day working on my RSC quilt blocks will be a good project...along with working on Zoey's quilt.

I've been playing catch up on the RSC challenge.  I have 4 more blocks to make for April and I'll be all caught up....just in time for the new color in July.  June has been PINK..I've got them all done. 




I am making 5 Crazy Quilt blocks for each color...which at the end of the year will give me  60 8 1/2" blocks.....then they also need to be embellished...this is going to be a quilt that will be put on my To-Finish list....when it comes to embellishing them...sometimes a block will sit for days...while I figure out how I want to embellish it.  So you could say this is a long term quilt that will be waiting a while to get finished.  IN THE MEAN TIME.........

I've got Zoey's quilt in the hoop and started tying it.
I didn't relize how big this quilt was until I started putting it together....I was going for twin size but it's bigger than a twin size.  I haven't measured it...witch is a bad thing for me...I tend to eyeball it on measurements...but I'd say it's between a twin and full size.  It should fit Zoey's twin bed.  The date to have this finished is before Zoey's birthday in August.  Hopefully I'll get done in time. 

Hope you all have a wonderful.....

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