Friday, June 11, 2021

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

3 WEEKS.....

 since I posted a To-do Tuesday list.  My last post was May 25th and this is my list....

1.Continue on the Salt and Sand.

2. Work on Daisy Embroideryđź‘Ž

3. Start assembling the Crazy Quilt blocksđź‘Ž

4.  Cut fabric for Red Work Quilt.

Well, I got 2 out of 4 done, but I've made progress on the others. 

1.  I'm still working on embroidering the lines on the mussels and clams.  The mussels are all done, now onto the clams. 

2.I'm at a stand still on the Daisy...don't know if should leave the boo boo or rip it out.  The top daisy is suppose to be a long Fan Stitch and the bottom daisy is suppose to be Fish Bone Stitch.  Well, neither one looks like they are suppose to.  But this is a learning I guess I'll continue on.

3. I've got all the Crazy Quilt blocks for RSC 2021 all gathered up...there are 60 I have to do some math to figure out how I want to assemble them.

4.  I finally found a fabric I like for the Red Work...started putting it together., but I don't like it. I'm not sure I like the little basket on the alternate block either.  I want to put these blocks on point, but have no idea how to do this...I've never done a quilt on point I'll have to google this and see if there is a good tutorial for this.

This week's list.

1.  Find a tutorial for placing Red Work blocks on point.

2.   Continue working on the Daisy.

3.  Start sewing the Crazy Quilt blocks together.

4. Continue working on Salt and Sand.

Hope you all....

Monday, June 7, 2021


 found the fabric I like for my Red Work Baskets...I laid it out on my design floor to see how it looks...but I'm not liking this at all????

I thought I'd add a basket to the alternate blocks....but...isn't there always a BUT!  Not sure I like that either...this quilt is giving me a Headache trying out how to get it together.  HELP!!!  Any and all suggestions are welcomed.   

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Have a wonderful....

Sunday, June 6, 2021


 The binding has started on the Tile Quilt.  I still enjoy doing this by hand...I know it would go a lot faster if I used my sewing machine.  This is my OMG for June.

I'm at a stand still on my Daisy embroidery.  Which you can find over at Needle n' Thread. I'm going to have to get Mister Seam Ripper out.  I messed up 2 of the daisies.  The first daisy was easy...the 2nd and 3rd daisy is the ones I messed up.  

The daisy, upper right is suppose to be long Fan Stitches...but mine are misshaped.   The second daisy, lower right is supposed to be Feather Stitch.....well, I don't know if you can see it very well, this is definitely  not a Feather Stitch.  So I'll be ripping these 2 out and re-doing them.  This is a series of small projects over at Needle N' Thread...Head over and check them out.  This is also my HSAL(Hand Stitch Along) I'm working on.  You can visit everyone and check out what they are working on.

Connie, Daisy, Gretchen,Karrin,Sharon,Nanette,Deb,Margaret,Kathy,

Well, that's it for now...what are you planning on stitching today?

Have awesome stitching...


Saturday, June 5, 2021


thought I'd drop in and say HI!  Hope you all....