Wednesday, September 7, 2022


 came out last night.  Remember the See ya Later Alligator quilt I'm working, well here it is with the BIG boo boo.  Hop over and check out these folks post.  Their posts will be for Thursday, August 25th.

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Both sides have 5 blocks, but as you can see it's not right.  So last night I ripped the trees off and separated all the trees.  Found the problem, some of the blocks are 8" and some are 8 1/2".  

I sorted through them and found enough the right size and sewed them on.

Next comes the water, representing Lake Michigan.  With a pretty blue.  I'll cut this into 2" strips and sew them on tonight.

Then to hold it all together will be a brown.  

I'll put a around all that  as the last border, not sure what color I'm using, but I'll figure it out.

Hope you all have a wonderful.....

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  1. Love this little quilt! The trees are durable and that blue is perfect for water. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.


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