Thursday, July 30, 2020


I don't like changes and I don't adapt to changes very well.  So I've been playing around with the new Blogger and I don't like it!!!  I want the old Blogger back...why is it when something works...they always want to change it or make it better??  What's wrong with it that they have to change it?? So while I learn the new Blogger...please have a little patience with me while I learn about it...ok I'm done ranting for now...on to the good stuff.

I ordered some fabric for my umbrella quilt...pretty raindrops.  It should be here next week.  That's what I've been working on in the evenings while watching t.v.
Speaking of T.V.  I've been re-watching Criminal Minds on's one of my favorite shows...

Some I remember and some I don't...the show started in 2005 and ran until 2020...sadly they canceled the show...I love that show..I'll miss seeing it.

Have you ever heard of a Smash Book?
Instead of buying a scrapbook album and page protectors, a smash book is a journal in which you can write, draw, paint and glue in embellishments and memorabilia as you're on-the-move. No planning is involved – you simply decorate as you feel in the moment.
This is my Smash Book...
and a couple pages from my smash book...
If you like to scrapbook, but don't like all the "stuff" you need for it...this is a great way to do it.  I just collect stuff I like from magazines and other stuff I've got hanging around and stick it in my smash this one.. I really liked this foodie picture from a magazine....
It shows you how to build this football with veggies...isn't that beautiful? 
We got our first tomatoes from our garden...
Do you like Ramen Noodles?  We do..we eat a lot of these...we keep running out of them, so we bought a case of them...
My son found these at a local convenience of our favorite candy..Gummy Bears.

 Well that's it for today...hope you all have an awesome....

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Tuesday, July 28, 2020


It's I've got a lot to post keep reading....

To-Do Tuesday
To-Do List  July 21st through July 27th

1. FINISH tying Zoe's Quilt
2. Embellish more crazy quilt blocks
3. Work on tile blocks

Still didn't finish Zoe's Quilt.  It's been so hot and humid here...can't stand all that quilt laying on my me. 
I got all the July blocks for RSC 2020 can read my post here.

I also got  a few more tiles added...I've also started an orange and purple tile blocks.
Over at Pintangle, it's TAST(Take a Stitch Tuesday)....the stitch today is...Breton's mine.
It's a little wonky, put I'm happy with it..
My To-do Tuesday list for
July 28th to August 3rd

1. Finish Zoe's Quilt (one way or another...this will be done!)
2. Do more Umbrella Blocks
3. Cut binding for Zoe's Quilt
4. Pick out a project for August One Monthly Goal
Well, that's it for today....hope you all have an awesome....

Monday, July 27, 2020


I have been blog hopping a the last few weeks...I came across a blog called Happy to be Scrappy...which fits me to a "T" I love making quilts from scraps.  The person behind Happy to be Scrappy is Deb.  I've been admiring her Umbrella Quilt for a couple of months.  It's so colorful and pretty.  So I've decided to make an Umbrella Quilt myself.  Here is the first one....
Can you see a quilt of Umbrella's in all colors of the rainbow?  I can...go check out Deb's's beautiful!!

On another note:  I totally forgot about the HQAL...I didn't get any stitching done the past few weeks because of the HOT and HUMID weather we've been having....So I'll just show what was working on last month....
I want to add some quilting to the bee hive...I was waiting on some brown and black quilting thread to work on finally came....but as I said, it's been toooo hot to work on it....we will be getting a cool down this week, so hopefully I'll get some quilting done.

Go visit the others doing this HQAL(Hand Quilting A Long).

Kathy, Margaret, TracyDeb, Susan,  Nanette,  EdithSharonKarrin, Gretchen, Kathi,  Bella, Daisy, Connie, Monica 

Saturday, July 25, 2020


Over at So Scrappy, we are still working on Dark Blue for RSC 2020...Got the blocks done and embellished...
Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

All the embroidery on these blocks I learned via Sharon over at Pintangle...she has a stitch dictionary, so you can look up any stitch...all of the stitches I used on these blocks are in the Stitch Dictionary.
Running Stitch
Buttonhole Stitch
Lazy Daisy Stitch
Cable Chain Stitch
Bullion Knots
Fly Stitch
Sheaf Stitch

Have a great....

Friday, July 24, 2020


I've been piddling around with several projects...but nothing is done...just thought I'd drop in and say
HI!!!!  Hope you have an awesome....

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


You ever have one thing to get done...and it seems to take FOREVER????  It seems like I've been tying Zoe's quilt for months...I can't seem to get in the mood to finish this...WHY??  Don't know....I know that's not an answer..but I'll keep plugging along until I get it done. 

To-Do Tuesday
July 14 through July 20
1. Finish tying Zoe's quilt
2. Sandwich the Valentine Quilt
3. Embellish more crazy quilt blocks

As you can see I didn't do too good with my list last week.   I did get a few more of the crazy quilt blocks embellished.  
Block 1
Block 3
I also worked on the Tile Blocks....this one is green''s.
Over at Sharon's place, Pintangle, it's TAST Tuesday(Take A Stitch Tuesday)....the stitch today is Barb is mine...
I missed a couple I have to catch up....I'll have those done for next week. 

To-Do List  July 21st through July 27th

1. FINISH tying Zoe's Quilt
2. Embellish more crazy quilt blocks
3. Work on tile blocks

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Monday, July 20, 2020


I'm doing a Summer Photo Challenge Hunt...want to know more about this...head over to Patio Postcards to see all her are a few pictures I took for this challenge...
5.Something you have more than one....
8. A leaf longer than your hand
Catalpas Leaf
9. & 20. Starts with your inital and the number 7
My degree from college

16. Something with a Rough Texture
Our Barn Wall
17. Something naturally round
18. Something in water
19. Stone with some color
That completes my Summer Photo Challenge...thanks for taking a look...

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Have a great....

Saturday, July 18, 2020


I'm joining Angela at So Scrappy for the RSC I need to embellish them...hop over to Angela's place to check out what everyone is sharing....these are the July blocks...Dark Blues.
Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

Block 5

Hope you have a

Friday, July 17, 2020


I have a few more pictures for the Summer Photo Challenge....want to join in...head over HERE...
1. A Favorite Piece of Mother's Ring and a ring my sister gave me.

6.  Something in the Shape of a Triangle- a crazy quilt block
7. Something That Displays a Rule...a ever read these...scary!
11. Something to Throw Away...I really need to take the trash out...
12. Something that holds your favorite beverage...the picture tells it all...
 15. Something mother's button box...I've got them all sorted into colors and put them in my collection of old Mason Jars...this is just a few of the white ones...
Hope you all have a great....