Monday, July 20, 2020


I'm doing a Summer Photo Challenge Hunt...want to know more about this...head over to Patio Postcards to see all her are a few pictures I took for this challenge...
5.Something you have more than one....
8. A leaf longer than your hand
Catalpas Leaf
9. & 20. Starts with your inital and the number 7
My degree from college

16. Something with a Rough Texture
Our Barn Wall
17. Something naturally round
18. Something in water
19. Stone with some color
That completes my Summer Photo Challenge...thanks for taking a look...

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Have a great....

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  1. You again have got some great finds for the SPSH. Our next link in will be Friday August 7th. My Father in Law had a big beautiful Catalpa tree, when it bloomed we called it the popcorn tree.


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