Thursday, July 9, 2020


I've got a long don't give up in the middle...keep reading!

I'm doing a monthly post on I'm Following A Tree...keeping track of one tree is the idea.  My tree is a big Maple outside the back door.  Not too much going on right now...but yesterday was a little windy...did you know when the wind blows...the leaves on a Maple tree are silver...really..
And don't ask what the yellow thing hanging on the bottom of the tree...I think it's a reflection...I was shooting this picture through the glass.

I've also joined up for a Summer Photo Challenge...the info and list of items are on my side's a few things I found from the list.
2. Something with a knot...Thread...
3. Something with the colors of your country’s flag...
Yo Yo Quilt
Thursday 13
13 items you need to make a crazy quilt....
1.Scraps of Fabric
2. Hoop
3. Scissors
4. Needles
5. Needle Puller
6. Needle Threader
7. Yarn
8. Thread
9. Beads
10. Ribbon.
11. Lace
12. Buttons
13. Rick Rack

I saw this little guy sitting on the rock wall in the garden...
It's a Chipmunk...we have lots of them here....when the cats don't find them...they scamper around looking for food or just take a few moments to rest....Chipmunks are small, striped rodents of the family Sciuridae. Chipmunks are found in North America, with the exception of the Siberian chipmunk which is found primarily in Asia.

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  1. ooooo that was a fun post... so unusual. We had a lot of chipmunks in MD that would nest in the gutters. One day I heard this wrenching noise, and my poodle Cole had pulled the gutter downspout right off the house trying to get the chipmunk. LeeAnna

  2. What a beautiful maple tree and the chipmunk is so cute! I like your list of things to make a crazy quilt, I really should make one some day as I have a load of fabric scraps

  3. Hi Sherrie! Oh, the chipmunks are here tease my friend's dog untiringly. They sure are cute though. I love listening to Maple trees stirring in the wind. They really are a pretty silver. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. I love the idea of following a tree through time! I think active observing and noticing projects like that make us aware of so much more in our surroundings! Have a great week!

  5. So much going on - love it all.
    If that yellow splash is a reflection it reminds me of when people thought they saw a UFO through a plane window and it was just a distortion through the edge of the glass...
    All the best :)


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