Sunday, February 27, 2022


I've been working on my To-Do list this week.  I've got 6 items I want to work on.  First on the list...finish putting the binding on the Polar Bears.  I'll be working on the Polar Bears today.  Hopefully I'll finish it today.

 2nd on the list is, putting the border on my SAHRR.  The next row will be flowers.  I'm not following what the row is for the blog hop.  I'm making my own SAHRR.  Mine is all about gardens.  The next row is yellow and will have flowers on it.

3rd on the list is my Aqua Birdhouse block done for RSC 2022.

4th on my list is finally getting this Christmas embroidery all ready to go.  This block will be added to my Christmas Sampler..your can see my post about that.....HERE.  The red running stitch at the bottom is just holding the fabric down...I've sewn a piece of muslin to a piece of linen.  I used my light box to trace the pattern on.  I've got the roof done on the house.   

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Tuesday, February 22, 2022


 To-Do Tuesday is today.  You can check out all the folks lists over at Linda's place, Texas Quilt Gal.  Hop over and check them out.

My list from last week...

1. Finish National Day✔

2. Start tying Polar Bears✔

3. Make a few more Christmas Sampler blocks.✔

4. Do TAST stitch for Wk. 8✔

Yes!  I got all checks this week.

The National Day Quilt it all done, been washed and ready to be stored with my other quilts.

The Polar Bears are tied and I've started the binding.

I got a few more of the Christmas Sampler blocks done, this my favorite.  I still need 5 more to finish this one...then a border.

The TAST stitch for Wk. 8  is Running Stitch.  You can check this out over at Sharon's place, Pintangle.

I  thought I lost my Fall Sampler blocks.  I searched and searched every box, bin and tub for them.  I finally found them, YEA!  So I'll be working on those.  While I was digging around in everything, I came across the BOO! Quilt.  I couldn't find it before, so I made another one.  This is the original one I made.  So it's in the box waiting to be sandwiched...The Indian Leaves quilt is also in the box.  Along with Under the Sea.  So I've got a lot of work to do.

I also found my Circle quilt.  And have started working on it.  You can see that post HERE.

So my list for February 23rd through March 1st 

1. Finish binding Polar Bears.

2. Make 5 more Christmas Sampler blocks.

3. Do Week 9 of TAST.

4. Put on last border of SAHRR.

5. Make another Fall Sampler block.

6. Work on Circle quilt.

7. Do the Aqua Bird House for RSC.

That list should keep me busy this week.  Have a great....

Monday, February 21, 2022


 2016, the year the Circles took over the blogosphear.  Audrey over at Quilty Folk started making circles and everyone wanted to join in.  So Quilty 3365 was born.  The idea behind this, was to make one circle every month.  So I jumped in.  I sewed until I got tired of doing circles and moved on to other quilts.  Well, I dragged out my quilt top and supplies,  everything I need to finish this quilt top.


  and I've started working on it again.  All the circles have been sewen on to the white squares, then I can join them all together.  I only have to sew on October, November and December.  Then lots of embroidery work to do.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022


 I finished putting the binding on the National Day Calendar Quilt last night.  I really like the way

this turned out.

I like it so much, I'm going to make another one this year, but with totally different items.  Here's my list for 2022....

Jan. Hat, Feb. Ground Hog, Mar. Tooth, April Scrabble, May Tuna June Sewing Machine, July Kissing Lips, Aug. Roller Coaster, Sept. Telephone, Oct. Space, Nov. Drum, Dec. Soil

If you want to make one, the link to the National Day Calendar is on my Sidebar.  Now on to the Polar Bears, the binding is cut and I'll start working on that one tonight. 

So, what's next...I'll be dragging out my cutting table and sandwiching Alexis's quilt.  And if I have enough batting and backing, I'll sandwich the first quilt I ever made.  I call it Under the Sea...I'll add a border to it first and then sandwich, Tie, and then the binding.

Have a great......

Tuesday, February 15, 2022


 so it's time for To-Do Tuesday...where did the week's my list from last week.

1.Start Rnd 4 of SAHRR.✔

2. Finish tying National Day.

3.  Cut binding for National Day Quilt.

4.  Start tying Polar Bears.👎

5.  Lay out Christmas Sampler to see where I'm at.

This is my SAHRR block.  Since I don't do pieced blocks..I had to figure out what to use for my signature block.  And I did!  I used my Diamonds from Rd 2 as my signature block.  Yesterday I put the names on the diamonds.  I used DMC's variegated threads.   My camera isn't showing all the names, but believe me, they are there.  I'll be adding another strip and add some stars.

National Day Quilt is tied and the binding is almost done.  One more strip to do.

The Polar Bears are waiting their turn to be tied.  But I did get the Christmas Sampler laid out.  I'm going to have to do some more changing around of the blocks.  I ran out of the light blue and the Christmas fabric hasn't got enough to cut for a block.  So I've started some more blocks on yellow.  Plus I've got some embroidery work to do.  And I may re-do the Y in can't see it very well, it just fades away from the other blocks.

So that's my list from last week, I think I did pretty good this week.  Here's my list for next week.

1. Finish National Day

2. Start tying Polar Bears(the binding is already cut)

3. Make a few more Christmas Sampler blocks.

4. Do TAST stitch for Wk. 8

Here's Wk 7, Detached Chain Stitch.  Hop over to Pintangle to check out all the goodies Sharon has to share with you.

I hope you all have an awesome....

Monday, February 14, 2022


 I have been working on my SAHRR, the 4th round was a signature block...but I don't do piecing.  So I decided to use my Diamonds as my signature piece... got everyone's name on the diamonds and done the embroidery work this morning.

So I have my center block, Rd 1-Curves, Rd2-Diamond Rd3 - Star  Rd 4 Signature.  My Rd 5 is Applique.  Mine will be flowers and bugs. 

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Have a wonderful.....and a Great Valentines Day.


Sunday, February 13, 2022


 The main thing I'm stitching today is putting the binding on my National Day Calendar quilt.  Here's a sneak peek.

And if I get tired of working on binding, I'll be working on my Christmas Sampler.


And I found a Christmas pattern for embroidery that I like...I'll try working on this today sometime.


Plus I have my RSC Birdhouse to work on.  I've got the pattern traced and cut out...just have to pick out some Aqua or Blue fabric to use.   This is the birdhouse I'm using, minus the bird.

That's it for today...have an awesome stitching....


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Thursday, February 10, 2022


 I have 4 quilts that are almost ready to be finished.  They are in different stages right now.  I really like that I've got these quilts so close to completion.

1. Alexis's quilt top is done...just needs sandwiched, tied and binding added.

2. National Day Calendar Quilt is tied, it needs binding.

3. Polar Bears is in the hoop waiting to be tied.

4. The Christmas Sampler needs 8 more blocks and then I can start sewing it together.

If you ever wonder what I do while quilting....I watch t.v. on my computer.  I subscribe to several streaming services.  At the moment I'm watching Law and Order on Peacock.  I'm on season 18. 

When I'm not watching T.V., I read, at the moment I'm reading James Patterson's Women's Murder Club.  James Patterson is one of my favorite authors.  I've read his Alex Cross series, To date, there are 29 books in the regular Alex Cross books series, along with two novellas.  I haven't read the Novellas.  My library hasn't got them, if I want to read them, I'll have to buy them.  If you want to check out all about this series go......HERE.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2022


 I forgot to make a list for To-Do Tuesday last I'm going to use my list from 2 weeks ago.

1. Tie and bind National Day Quilt.

2.  Rip out 3 rows of gray yarn on Neon Stripe.

3. Lay out Polar Bears to see where I'm at.

I started the National Day Quilt.  I got one side tied before I had to quit.  My fingers weren't feeling very well last night...they were I only got one row done.  NOTE:  The fingers are working good today, so I'll finish tying and cut some binding for the National Day Quilt.

 2. I ripped out the gray yarn on the Neon Stripe Afghan...and found several more boo's boo's with the ripped it out.  Am putting the orange back now.  I'll finish this row and start the gray back.

3.  Polar Bears got laid out, sewed together, border is on.  It's in the hoop waiting to get tied.

I almost forgot to put my TAST stitch for this week here.  The stitch is for Week 6, Herringbone Stitch.  This is not one of my favorite stitches.  I have trouble with the fabric puckering...but this is my best effort to do this.  You can find this over at Sharon's place, Pintangle.  Hop over and check it out.  She also has a stitch dictionary.


 The new round for SAHRR is posted, it's a Signature Block.  I'll have to figure out a pattern that I can applique.  I'll work that out this week.  See where it takes me.

My To-Do list for February 8 through February 14th.

1.Start Rnd 4 of SAHRR.

2. Finish tying National Day.

3.  Cut binding for National Day Quilt.

4.  Start tying Polar Bears.

5.  Lay out Christmas Sampler to see where I'm at.

Hope you have a.....

Monday, February 7, 2022


 I've been reading The Women's Murder Club by James Patterson.  It's a really great series, if you like reading about dead bodies, murder and suspense, this is the series for you.  At this moment there are 22 books in this series.  I plan on reading them all.

Book 1

1st To Die....


Four crime-solving friends face off against a killer in San Francisco in the Women's Murder Club novel that started James Patterson's thrilling series.

Each one holds a piece of the puzzle: Lindsay Boxer is a homicide inspector in the San Francisco Police Department, Claire Washburn is a medical examiner, Jill Bernhardt is an assistant D.A., and Cindy Thomas just started working the crime desk of the San Francisco Chronicle.

But the usual procedures aren't bringing them any closer to stopping the killings. So these women form a Women's Murder Club to collaborate outside the box and pursue the case by sidestepping their bosses and giving each other a hand. The four women develop intense bonds as they pursue a killer whose crimes have stunned an entire city. Working together, they track down the most terrifying and unexpected killer they have ever encountered--before a shocking conclusion in which everything they knew turns out to be devastatingly wrong.

Book 2

2nd Chance


The Women's Murder Club returns for another thrilling crime investigation. Will their skills be enough to take down a brutal madman?
A brutal madman sprays bullets into a crowd of children leaving a San Francisco church. Miraculously-or was it intentionally?-only one person dies. Then an elderly black woman is hung. Police homicide inspector Lindsay Boxer senses a connection and together with medical examiner Claire, assistant D. A. Jill, and Chronicle reporter Cindy, finds a link that sends a chill through the entire nation. This killer's motives are unspeakable.

Book 3


n James Patterson's shockingly suspenseful #1 New York Times bestseller, one member of the Women's Murder Club is hiding a secret so dangerous that it could destroy them all.
One of James Patterson's best loved heroines is about to die. Detective Lindsay Boxer is jogging along a beautiful San Francisco street when a fiery explosion rips through the neighborhood. When Lindsay plunges inside to search for survivors, she finds three people dead. A lost infant and a mysterious message at the scene leaves Lindsay and the San Francisco Police Department completely baffled.
Then a prominent businessman is found murdered under bizarre circumstances, with another mysterious message left behind by the killer. Lindsay asks her friends Claire Washburn of the medical examiner's office, Assistant D.A. Jill Bernhardt, and Chronicle reporter Cindy Thomas to help her figure out who is committing these murders-and why they are intent on killing someone every three days.
Even more terrifying, the killer has targeted one of the four friends who call themselves the Women's Murder Club.
Which one will it be?

Book 4


The world's bestselling detective series has never been more suspenseful. Trapped in deadly showdowns, courtroom trials, and dangerous secrets, the Women's Murder Club must fight for their lives.
In a deadly late-night showdown, San Francisco police lieutenant Lindsay Boxer fires her weapon and sets off a dramatic chain of events that leaves a police force disgraced, a family destroyed, and Lindsay herself at the mercy of twelve jurors. During a break in the trial, she retreats to a picturesque town that is reeling from a string of grisly murders-crimes that bear a link to a haunting, unsolved case from her rookie years.
Now, with her friends in the Women's Murder Club, Lindsay must battle for her life on two fronts: in a trial rushing to a climax, and against an unknown adversary willing to do anything to hide the truth about the homicides-including kill again?

Friday, February 4, 2022


 I've made a list of goals I want to accomplish this month.  

1. Get National Day Calendar Quilt tied and binding added.  This is my OMG project this month


2. Put another row on the Christmas Sampler.


3. Put the Polar Bears in the hoop to be tied.  This is my OPAM for this month.

 4. Finish row 2 of  SAHRR. and start the embroidery work.  and painterly wait for row 3 to be announced.  I'll start my Garden saying on the center piece, as soon as I make up my mind which one to use.  Maybe you can help with are the 3 I'm debating on.

1 Gardening is the work of a lifetime; you never finish.

2. May all your weeds be wildflowers.

3. To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.

Just leave a comment on the one you like or email me.  

Since today is Friday, I'll be participating in the Friday Night Sew In.  

 You can find a list of folks that are doing this over at Cheryl's  place...Gone Stitchin'.  Hop over and check it out.  I'll be working on either my SAHRR or the Christmas Sampler or both.

I hope wherever you are, you....