Tuesday, February 22, 2022


 To-Do Tuesday is today.  You can check out all the folks lists over at Linda's place, Texas Quilt Gal.  Hop over and check them out.

My list from last week...

1. Finish National Day✔

2. Start tying Polar Bears✔

3. Make a few more Christmas Sampler blocks.✔

4. Do TAST stitch for Wk. 8✔

Yes!  I got all checks this week.

The National Day Quilt it all done, been washed and ready to be stored with my other quilts.

The Polar Bears are tied and I've started the binding.

I got a few more of the Christmas Sampler blocks done, this my favorite.  I still need 5 more to finish this one...then a border.

The TAST stitch for Wk. 8  is Running Stitch.  You can check this out over at Sharon's place, Pintangle.

I  thought I lost my Fall Sampler blocks.  I searched and searched every box, bin and tub for them.  I finally found them, YEA!  So I'll be working on those.  While I was digging around in everything, I came across the BOO! Quilt.  I couldn't find it before, so I made another one.  This is the original one I made.  So it's in the box waiting to be sandwiched...The Indian Leaves quilt is also in the box.  Along with Under the Sea.  So I've got a lot of work to do.

I also found my Circle quilt.  And have started working on it.  You can see that post HERE.

So my list for February 23rd through March 1st 

1. Finish binding Polar Bears.

2. Make 5 more Christmas Sampler blocks.

3. Do Week 9 of TAST.

4. Put on last border of SAHRR.

5. Make another Fall Sampler block.

6. Work on Circle quilt.

7. Do the Aqua Bird House for RSC.

That list should keep me busy this week.  Have a great....


  1. Well done, Sherrie!
    Good luck with your list for this week.

  2. Yay on the check marks! Your National Day Quilt turned out great, and I love the Christmas sampler block with the bow. Glad you found your Fall Sampler blocks - boy do I relate to trying to find something I've stored in my room!
    Thank you for linking up with To Do Tuesday!


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