Wednesday, August 5, 2020


I have lots of them!!  I've been trying to get some of them done this year.  So far I've got 5 of them done...
4th of July Quilt, ABC Quilt, Easter Quilt, Happy Scrappy Quilt, and Spring Quilt.  The thing that helped me get these done is a UFO Challenge...I was blog hopping one day and ran across Dreamworthy Quilts...Ann has a UFO challenge going on over at her place.....the Number Draw UFO Challenge....want to know more about this...just click on the link. 
My Number Draw for July is Zoe's Quilt....
sorry to say I didn't get it done.  It was so blasted hot in July...high 80's and 90's with high humidity...toooo hot to have a quilt laying on my lap.  But I'm still plugging away at it...hoping to get it tied at least in the next couple days...the binding may have to wait...we'll see.

The August number for the UFO challenge is number 7 on my list...but I've already done number 7...the Easter Quilt
So I've bumped another quilt up to # UFO for August is the Valentine Quilt
the top is done, just needs sandwiched, tied and binding put on.  This is another small it shouldn't take too long to finish....just have to get in the mood to drag out the cutting table and walk around it a gazzillion times....I may also put the Boo Quilt together while I have the cutting table out.  It's also a small quilt.
Hope everyone has an awesome.....


  1. Hmm, I thought I commented from another linky, but maybe I only thought about it! Now, from NDC, I'll try again. I like the elephants! I look forward to seeing this one finished.

  2. Slow but sure progress works just fine. Both holiday quilts are very cute. It would be great to hang the Halloween quilt in October! Keep on working.

  3. You have so many fun quilts going on here! I love Zoe's the most. Don't worry, you'll catch up. It will eventually cool down! At least #7 was already done and you will be ready for February and October before you know it!

    Sorry for my very very late comment, but thanks for linking up


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