Tuesday, November 23, 2021


 Boy, time seems to fly by.  And occasionally, I loose track of days.  But, hey, I don't work, well, unless you count doing dishes and laundry as work, which I do.  Last weekend I had a couple visitors...actually ,  I had  4 teenage girls here.  Boy, was that a loud weekend.  Thankfully we are back to our normal routine.  

 My To-Do List from last week....head over to Texas Quilt Gal's place to check out all the folks that are sharing their lists.

1. Tie and bind Candy Hearts..JUST DO IT!πŸ‘Ž

2. Finish  putting Alexis's Quilt together.✔

3.  Start the Flag Quilt ✔

4. This is a maybe...work on Christmas Sampler.✔

I think I did pretty good this week.  Sadly, the Candy Hearts is still in the hoop.  I get sidetracked really easily.  And the squirrels come in to play...so I didn't get the Candy Hearts done.

 Alexis's Quilt top is done, just need to put the border on....but I don't have enough of the fabric I was going to use...so I need to make a visit to Hobby Lobby.  

I started the Flag Quilt...it's going to be a quilt for my niece, Zoe.  You can read all about that HERE.

This is the first flag block.

As for the Christmas Sampler...I finished 2 blocks...a Christmas Present....

and Rudolph...

My list for November 23rd to November 29th

1.  Tie and bind Candy Hearts

2.  Make a trip to Hobby Lobby

3.  Make a few more Flag blocks.

4. Make another Christmas Sampler block

Hope you all have a safe and .....

Sunday, November 21, 2021


 I started a new quilt...πŸ˜„ My niece, Zoe, asked me to make her a Lap Quilt, to keep her legs warm when she is on the bench waiting to preform. This is Zoe in full dress preforming at one of their shows. What is a Color Guard?  You can read all about it HERE

So I'm making her one...It will be made with flags and some other "stuff" to do with Color Guard.  I got one flag done...so I'll be working on this quilt today.

This is the whole Color Guard.

They recently went to State Finals,  there were 60 bands preforming at the state finals.  Zoe's group was in the B class, they won 4th place.

I also got my RSC2021 Baskets done, it's a filmsy.  If your wondering about the border, the baskets reminded me of a basket my grandmother used to gather eggs.  So I thought some "farm fabric" was appropriate .  All the baskets are made from my scrap bags.

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That's it for now...hope you all.....

Sunday, November 14, 2021


 It's been a few days since I posted anything.  But I don't want to bore you all to death with the same thing all the time.  I hit a snag in Alexis's quilt...I'll have to get Mr. Seam Ripper out.  Last night I cut and pinned the last 2 baskets for my RSC 2021.  A dark brown and a black one.

I did a block for my Christmas Sampler...I really like this on, it's so cute.

And I put a few more stitches in my Band Sampler.  I finished the orange row of Sheaf Stitch and put the word July on.  

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Tuesday, November 9, 2021


 It's To-Do Tuesday over at Texas Quilt Gal....head over and check out what everyone's list is all about this week.  As for mine....well it's basically the same as last week.

1.  Start sewing Alexis's quilt together.✔

2.  Tie Candy Hearts.πŸ‘Ž

3.  Start a new project.πŸ‘Ž

The only thing I accomplished this week was putting Alexis's quilt together.  I've got 2 more rows to put on and the strip around the edges. 

I was planning on tying the Candy Hearts and cutting the binding last week....but I got distracted by my Christmas Sampler....I was digging around in my fabrics and found some really cute Christmas fabric...so I've been work on that this past week....I've been jumping back and forth on these 2 quilt tops.  But right now the Candy Hearts is a catch all for what I'm working on.

My niece, Zoey, 


is in her high school Color Guard Band.  They went to State Finals last weekend and they won 4th place in their division.  So this is my new project....make a Color Guard quilt for Zoe.  This is the pattern I'll be using.

So my list for next week is....

1. Tie and bind Candy Hearts..JUST DO IT!

2. Finish  putting Alexis's Quilt together.

3.  Start the Flag Quilt 

4. This is a maybe...work on Christmas Sampler.

Saturday, November 6, 2021


 I've been admiring Jocelyn's blog header for awhile.  I really like it lots...head over to Canadian Needle Nana's place to check it out.  So I decided to make one of my own.  Here is what I came up with.


It has everything I need to quilt, crochet and embroider.  What do you think???  Let me know.  What else have I been working on, you may ask.  Well, I pulled out my Christmas Sampler and started working on that this week.  I got my tree all decorated....

I got row 4 of Alexis's quilt on...and row 5 is ready to sew on.

I laid out my RSC 2021 basket blocks...I need 2 more blocks and I've laid out some fabric for the sashing....now to make a decision on what color to use.  Black, yellow print, and a blue green print...decision time....suggestions are welcome. 

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Friday, November 5, 2021


 Each Thursday Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs, provide Friendly Fill-in questions.


 Here are this weeks questions:
1. Something I lost, and was never able to find was __________.
2. When ______________, I want to _______________.
3. _________ doesn’t bother me.
4. I don’t handle _________ very well.


Here are my answers: my answers are in RED.

1.  Something I lost, and was never able to find was...my Blue Work quilt blocks..

2.  When I wake up, I want my Fountain Coke.

3.  Waiting for my delivery doesn't bother me....it will get here eventually.

4. I don't handle CHANGE very well.



Thursday, November 4, 2021


 I've got 2 rows on Alexis's quilt together.

I wanted something else to work on, to break the monotony of working on this quilt...so I dug out my Christmas Sampler and started working on that.  I got 1 block done.

I still need to decorate the tree...I think I'll add rick rack and some beads.  I've got 4 other blocks done...here is one I really like.

and this one....

I've been wanting to start a new quilt...I've been collecting Smiley Faces for awhile.  I think I'll make me a Smiley Face quilt.  Here's one I really like, I think this one will be the first block I make.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2021


It's Tuesday, so that's means it To-Do Tuesday...you can check out everyone's lists over at Linda's place, Texas Quilt Gal...she's the host for To-Do Tuesday.  So I've got a list from last week of what I was "planning" on doing"....well that didn't go to good.  

1. Tie Candy HeartsπŸ‘Ž

2. Cut binding for Candy HeartsπŸ‘Ž

3.  Work on Alexis's Quilt.✔

Only got one thing done this past week...work on Alexis's Quilt.  I've kind of been obsessed with getting this quilt to filmsy stage.  It's all I've worked on for the last few weeks.  I laid it out on my bed the other day and noticed I missed one block.  So I'm working on that one now.  You can see my post about this HERE.

 The Candy Hearts is still in the hoop waiting to be tied.  I might get to that this week.  I can't seem to make a decision on what color fabric to use for the binding.  I was thinking about light blue or maybe yellow,  but I'm not sure.  I could use a few suggestions....maybe that will get the wheels to moving.

 So my list for November 2nd to November 8th is...

1.  Start sewing Alexis's quilt together.

2.  Tie Candy Hearts.

3.  Start a new project.

Monday, November 1, 2021


 is almost a filmsy.....when I laid it out on my bed...I noticed I missed a block.

You can see the empty block in the 3rd row from the bottom... it's the second green one.  I put a design on it and have it pinned...now I need to get busy and sew.  Then comes the sewing of all all the blocks into rows.....and rows into a filmsy.  Then I have to decide about the border.  I've got some green fabric I'm thinking about using.  I used it for the sashing of my Orange Quilt.

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Hope you all......