Sunday, April 27, 2014


Bella and Luke get along most of the time.  They also have totally different interests.  Bella likes books and Luke likes the computer.  They don't always play together, but sometimes you can catch them playing together.

Hanging out on the couch watching t.v.
Rolling around on the floor.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


I was rearranging stuff in the kitchen window the other day and found this cork.  It was hiding behind the chicken.  It's from a bottle of wine my son got for New Year's. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Do you seem to have lots of empty containers?  We have lots of them.  Bottles, jars and little containers that I can't seem to throw away.  You never know when you might need one.  This is just a small example of the containers I have collected.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Heather over at Books and Quilts is the host for Needlework Tuesday.  Been working on something and want to share?  Head over to Heather's place.
As for what I've been doing....some crocheting and lots of quilting.  I finally went to Joann's Fabric and got some muslin.  So I've been working on my Under the Sea quilt.
I've also been working on a crazy quilt.  I'm kind of working in the dark here, but I think the blocks are coming out pretty good.  Although my embroidery skills lack something.  I've got lots of "stuff" to put on the blocks.  I started out with a 12" block, but didn't like the way it was looking.  So I decided to do a 6" block.  Much better and easier to work with.

As for the crocheting, I've got 8 of the Granny Square blocks done for the Crochet Along.  Haven't started any of the others yet.  But did pick up some different colors of yarn while at Joann's.  Don't forget to go visit Heather.

Sunday, April 13, 2014


We have several calendar's in the house.  But this is the main one everyone looks at.  Not sure why.  Nothing for April, most moths the calendar has lots of writing on it.  So far April is a non busy month.

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Bub likes to drink out of bottles.  He's pretty good at it too.  Except he hasn't learned how to open them yet. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Heather over at Books and Quilts is the host for Needlework Tuesday.  Got any projects to share?  Head over to Heather's place and check out what everyone is sharing.
As for me.....I've started a new quilt and yes I know I haven't gotten any of the 3 done.  But I've been looking and looking for a teapot pattern.  Finally found one.  I made a few of these a few years back, but couldn't find the pattern.  I took pictures and luckily I saved them.  So I zoomed the picture out as much a possible and traced the teapot onto a piece of blank paper.  So now I have my pattern.  Got a couple done last night.  I'm using scraps of fabric to make the teapot, so they will be all different colors.  They will be on unbleached muslin and it's a 10 inch block.

I've also been working on my Crochet Along over at Red Heart Yarn.  I've got 5 of the 10 Granny Squares done.  I've got all the patterns so far, just haven't worked on them all.  I am having some trouble with the Cross Stitch block.  It keeps going wonky.  Don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I'll figure it out sooner or later.

Monday, April 7, 2014


around here we either have too many or not enough.  Luckily we have a room we can store them in until we need them.  It's kind of the catch all room.  It catches everything we don't want or don't need anymore. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Friday was my birthday.  My hubby bought me a card and a birthday cake.  Love the card!
As for the cake, the twins tested it out before me.  They like the icing, not the actual cake.  And I like the cake.  So they took first dibs at it.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


I was cutting some quilt patterns out in the dining room/craft room.  This picture is from there.  The wind has been blowing hard for the last 2 days.  It has finally calmed down a little. 
The flag is all furled out from the wind.  The wind has been blowing south southwest, hopefully it will bring some warm air this way.  It is currently 43 degrees, but this morning it was 32, so we are still not quite at spring yet. 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Heather over at Books and Quilts is the host for Needlework Tuesday.  Working on something, show it off and head over to Heather's place to find out who else is working on something.

I've been working on my Under The Sea quilt.  Have lots of blocks done, but I've run out of unbleached muslin, so have to make a trip to Jo Ann's Fabrics.  Thought I would show how I get a block together.  This is one of 3 main blocks I'm using in the quilt.  It's a fish and the color behind the fish is suppose to be Kelp floating in the water.  It's not quit what I was looking for, but I can live with the way it is.
And this is what I've got done on the quilt.  It's going to need another row on the sides to make it a little wider.  I'm making this for my bed, which is a full size bed.  And I'm going to be putting a border around the whole quilt.  So it does need to be a little bit wider.  I'm thinking about my next quilt.. I want to make  a teapot, cup and saucer quilt.  But can't find an applique pattern for a teapot.  I've looked around the internet and can't find one I like.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment with a link and thanks.

Don't forget to head over to Heather's place to check out her quilt and crocheting she's working on.