Saturday, August 1, 2020


Hi everyone,
welcome August....what's on hand for August here at Food for Thought....first up is to finish Zoe's quilt...this is a birthday gift and Zoe's birthday is August 21...I have 20 days to finish no more messing around!
Plus I need to get this done so I can put the Valentine Quilt in the hoop....this is my OMG for August.
Since the Valentine quilt is small, I might get another small quilt done....the Boo Quilt.
These are a tad smaller than a lap quilt...if I get them in he hoop and tied, it won't take long to finish them up.  So we'll see how the month of August goes...hopefully we won't have a lot of hot humid days!  But, it's Indiana and it is usually hot in August, keeping my fingers crossed for some cooler weather....
I pulled all my purples out for RSC 2020 going on at So Scrappy...5 more crazy quilt blocks to make.

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Hope you all have a wonderful....


  1. Good luck with the goals and have fun playing with some pretty purples this month.

  2. Good luck with all your cute quilts! I grew up in Indiana (New Albany area) so I know how hot and muggy August can be. And we didn't have air conditioning then either!

  3. Your Valentine quilt and Boo quilt are so adorable! Hope you can get them done this month!

  4. Best of luck on working your way through your OMG and the RSC this month!!

  5. Good luck with your quilting goals. Nice selection of purple fabrics to have fun with this month.

  6. I love your Halloween and Valentine's quilts! Are they wall hangings? They are really fun! You will make it with Zoe's quilt! I love that quilt! I know what you mean. We have similar weather in Pennsylvania (humid, hot, with a side of extra humid). I try not to put bindings on quilts until October! Have a great week!

  7. Very sweet. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly goal and good luck with your project.

  8. All wonderful projects. Best of luck on finishing Zoe's and getting the others going, too.


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