Thursday, October 29, 2020


 what happened to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday....I've lost 3 days somewhere...I suppose the calendar can't be wrong, so it must be Thursday....that of course means it's I Like Thursdays day.

When I cleaned off my project table a couple weeks ago...I found the rest of my RSC blocks...I found April, May and June has some embellishment done.  14 more to go.

I got the Umbrella quilt in the hoop.  I think I'll tie it with black or blue yarn...I'll see how that looks.

 Anyone doing the From The Heart Blog Hop?  Today is my day for doing mine.  The pin cushion I made is my contribution.  I made one for myself and one for my niece, Zoe, she's learning to quilt...and needed a pin cushion.  Here are some folks also doing the Hop today.

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I really like my new pin can see the video by clicking the link...I've been wanting to make one of these for a while.  Just didn't try it, because it looked really complicated.  I found a video on line of how to make it.  Mine doesn't look exactly like theirs, but I'm happy with it.

I finished up my Hello Fall block...

And I've started another Scarecrow block done in embroidery...he's almost finished.

T.V.  I've started re-watching The X Files on Hulu...haven't watched these for years.  Some of them I remember and some I don't.

As for reading, I've given up on Loving Frank by Nancy Horan.  just couldn't get interested in this book.  My thinking on there are lots of other books I want to read...."why waste my time reading a book I don't like.)  And I got a call from my library club has been cancelled this we are on for November 6 now.  So I've gone back to my Kindle Fire...I'm reading All Lies by Andrew Cunningham.  This is book 1 of 5.

I'm linking to:

Not Afraid of Color

Just Let me Quilt

Well I guess that's it for today...hope you


  1. Hi Sherrie! Hmm, that book All Lies looks good. I have to go see if my library has it. I have been wanting to start a handwork project so seeing your Hello Fall block really inspires me. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. The umbrella quilt is cute. I love that little pin cushion. I like your embroidery, too.

  3. Your embroidery blocks are so pretty. Love the Fall colors with the Fall theme. I enjoyed "Loving Frank" but not all books are for everyone. "All Lies" looks very interesting as well. Might have to add that one to my list too!

  4. I like all the sewing stuff! And have to check out your entertainment... happy fall to you and thanks for being there to cheer us with your likes

  5. The weeks do go by fast! I love your umbrella quilt! And the pincushion is adorable, too. They are fun to give as gifts!

  6. Hello Fall is so pretty and I love that cute pincushion! I should try to make one! Hugs!

  7. Hi Sherrie, such a cute pin cushion. I will enjoy seeing your umbrella quilt tie quilted. You are right...there are so many books I don’t stay with one that is not drawing me in anymore.

  8. Is All Lies book club worthy? I am always looking for one of those.


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