Sunday, October 11, 2020


 weeks when your just not in the mood to blog?  This was my week last week.  I couldn't seem to find anything to blog about.    The Umbrella  and Crazy Quilts are still waiting to be sandwiched...still working on several projects.  One being my RSC 2020 blocks.  Yellow is the color for October...I've got 2 I'm working on embellishing.  This one is not finished yet...I couldn't figure out what to put in the empty spaces....where the sunflowers, pink stripes and the blue one.  So I've put it aside for now and moved on to another one.

This one was a lot easier to figure out.  I'll be adding some buttons and flowers to this one.

I finally got the lines on the pumpkin for my Fall Sampler.

And as if I need something else to work on...I've started a new project.  For years I've wanted to make a quilt of all the embroidery stitches I've learned over the years, these are stitches I've learned while doing TAST(Take a Stitch Tuesday) over at Sharon's place, Pintangle.  So I started one this past week. The first stitch I learned was the Buttonhole Stitch.

The next stitch is the Fly Stitch.

Even using a ruler, the line is still not I always say..."I can't draw a straight line with a ruler."  Maybe my ruler isn't straight...ha ha  Which is possible, believe it or not but I have a pair of scissors that doesn't cut straight.  Well I guess that's it for now...hope you all a wonderful stitching...

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  1. Oh I have struggled with blogging for the past few years. I find I can post every Sunday with the Slow Stitching Sunday group and that's enough for me. I find straight lines too! I like the thought of blaming the ruler!

  2. Are you linking to the HQAL with this? whether yes or no I enjoyed stopping in and seeing your projects. I love your new idea too.

  3. Great projects, and stitching. I did a year of the TAST a number of years ago when she first started it. Sharon Boggan is the greatest! Happy stitching!

  4. We all have weeks like that, I think! Your crazy quilt blocks look so fun! And I think your idea to put all the embroidery stitches you've learned into a quilt is a great idea.

  5. I’m enjoying these blocks . It will be fun seeing this quilt come together.

  6. You've made progress on all your projects, so that's a good week. Even if you didn't blog about it. Sometimes the doing is more important.

  7. I've been having a lifetime like that lately. =) I love CQ, and am so happy to see a blog with new ideas on it. The stitch dictionary you're making will be so cool!


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