Tuesday, February 22, 2011


"When No One Is Watching" by Joseph Hayes
Product Description(Amazon.com)
On the eve of announcing his run for Congress, a charismatic Chicago politician causes a deadly accident. Panicked, he frames his best friend, a good-hearted alcoholic, and flees the scene. As one man tries to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, the other embarks on a meteoric rise to political stardom. But when a dogged detective digs deeper into the case, the political superstar must decide just how far he is willing to go to keep his dark secret and avoid an explosive scandal that could ruin him and rock the entire nation. In this suspenseful thriller, author Joseph Hayes asks, is "the greater good" just a lie we tell ourselves to justify the sins we commit when no one is watching?
# Paperback: 320 pages
# Publisher: Synergy Books (October 5, 2010)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0984387943
# ISBN-13: 978-0984387946

MY THOUGHTS: This book is full of suspense and consequences that can happen when you try to cover them up. That is exactly what happens to Blair after being involved in a car accident. He puts all the fault on his best friend Danny. Now Blair goes on with his political life and forgets about this. But secrets usually come back to haunt you eventually. This one has come back to bite Blair in the butt. But does he take the consequences of his actions? Does Danny get his life back together? You'll have to read the book to find out. Really great book, I enjoyed reading this book. The author kept the flow going through the whole book. I really like that in a book.


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