Wednesday, February 5, 2014


You ever start at one blog and wind up going to lots of other blogs?  I do it a lot.  I visit a friend's blog and see something interesting at their blog.  Click on their link and it leads me to another blog and on I hopping.  Well I did that today.  I can't even remember where I   Anyway I ended up at Bev's place....My Reader's Block.  She is hosting a reading challenge.  As I was reading the challenge it made think about books.  Which I must confess I've not been reading much lately.  I think I burned myself out....but would really like to get back into reading again.  I miss it lots.  And one of my favorite books to read is mysteries.  My favorite mystery writer is Agatha Christie.  I have lots of her books on my book shelf.    Bit I've gotten off subject.

Bev has a reading challenge I want to participate in.  Don't know if I'll finish it, but would really like to try it.  It's called....Vintage Mystery Bingo.  I'm going for the Silver Mystery Bingo.

Now all I have to do is find the appropriate books to read.  Don't forget to head to Bev's place to check this out.  She also has lots of other reading challenges at her place.  Just do some browsing and you may go blog hopping too!


  1. Oh this looks fun...if I only had the time to read that many books lol Keep us filled in on your progress!

  2. Thanks for joining me, Sherrie! I hope you have fun with it.


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