Sunday, March 16, 2014


I've been an absent blogger, again.  I seem to come in spurts.  lol  First, I had the Flu, actually we all had the Flu.  The twins too, except for Luke, he was the only one that didn't get it.  Then I had a Sinus Infection.  In between all this, I've been working on my quilts and crocheting.  And waiting for spring to get here.  I'm so tired of winter I could scream!  Anyway that's a run down on what's been going on here.  I finally got my book done.  It's for the reading challenge I'm doing.   Vintage Mystery Bingo Challenge hosted by Bev over at My Reader's Block.

I am doing the Silver Bingo Challenge, I'm a little confused about the publisher dates on these books.  I can't seem to find the original published year.  So I'm hoping I have the right books for the right challenge.   I've put all the info about the reading challenge and the books I've read in a tab at the top of my blog. 

By The Pricking of My Thumb by Agatha Christie

Inside cover
Because a sweet old lady disappeared, Tommy and Tuppence Bereford, that shrewd and engaging detective team, came out of retirement to take on their most baffling case.

MY THOUGHTS: The team of Tommy and Tuppence isn't really my favorite book.  But this one was really good.  It's a classic Agatha Christie mystery.  Tuppence gets the ball going by investigating the disapperance of a lady from the home where Tommy's Aunt was.  And of course it starts out fine, but it goes down hill and Tommy has to help Tuppence out of trouble.   And do they find out what happened to Mrs. Lancaster?  Well, I won't tell, but you could read the book to find out. 

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