Friday, May 6, 2016


Raymon And Sunshine - Karen Krett

Product Description(
On Earth in 2262, Ramòn Réal, a 22-year-old comic artist who creates superheroes, is one of the Self-Contained—a designation for people once considered autistic. He is part of the InterGalactic Artists—which includes Benno, a giant, and Tonna and Charl, self-designed visual twins. They produce a monthly comic book, "Heroes of the Galaxy," extremely popular in the allmind, the 23rd century descendant of the Internet. When Sunshine—one of the most advanced line of self-replicating sentient androids—is hired as housekeeper for the Réal home, a growing bond forms between the artist and the beautiful synthetic entity. She is motivated to undergo augmentation, a process which will restructure her inner wave/fiber architecture so she can achieve romantic love. 
Paperback: 272 pages 
Publisher: Karen Krett (March 8, 2016) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0692660887 
ISBN-13: 978-0692660881

MY THOUGHTS: This is a book I got for review from Kelly & Hall.  Although this not my usual kind of book to read, it was very interesting.  As a relationship starts to between Raymon and Sunshine, his family is not happy.  After all she is a machine.  As Raymon and Sunshine begin to get closer they decide to marry.  This causes all kinds of trouble for them.  Even someone trying to kill them.  Very interesting book.  I give this book 4.....

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