Thursday, September 8, 2016


Beetle Boy - M. G. Leonard

Product Description(
Darkus Cuttle's dad mysteriously goes missing from his job as Director of Science at the Natural History Museum. Vanished without a trace! From a locked room! So Darkus moves in with his eccentric Uncle Max and next door to Humphrey and Pickering, two lunatic cousins with an enormous beetle infestation. Darkus soon discovers that the beetles are anything but ordinary. They're an amazing, intelligent, super species and they're in danger of being exterminated. It's up to Darkus and his friends to save the beetles. But they're up against an even more terrifying villain -- mad scientist of fashion, haute couture villainess Lucretia Cutter. Lucretia has an alarming interest in insects and dastardly plans for the bugs. She won't let anyone or anything stop her, including Darkus's dad, who she has locked up in her dungeons! The beetles and kids join forces to rescue Mr. Cuttle and thwart Lucretia. 
Series: Beetle Boy 
Hardcover: 288 pages 
Publisher: Chicken House (February 23, 2016) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 054585346X 
ISBN-13: 978-0545853460

MY THOUGHTS:  This is a really good book.  It is also the first of a trilogy.  Can't wait for the next book.  To find out what Darkus gets into.  Darkus finds a beetle, or does the beetle find Darkus?  This beetle is very smart and understands Darkus when he talks to him.  Darkus and his friends find a large beetle colony living in the neighbors house.  And all the beetles understand them.  Darkus and his friends are determined to save the beetles.  They come up with a plan to save the beetles.  And Darkus finds his father and has to rescue him from the woman who is going to exterminate the beetles.  Does Darkus free his dad?  Do the beetles get exterminated?  Read the book, it's really good.  I give this book 5....

This book is for 2 of my reading challenges.....
Monthly Keyword Challenge
52 Books in 52 Weeks

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