Monday, June 11, 2018


We have groundhog's living in our barn.....well, under our barn.  Since Groundhog's make burrows, that's where they live.  A little information about Groundhogs.

"Groundhogs begin hibernation mid October and emerge in February. Their burrow system is located about 2-4 feet underground and may extend 15-25 feet horizontally. The main groundhog nest chamber is usually located at the end of the burrow. The main entrance is seen as a mound of fresh earth around the opening."

We have 3 Groundhog babies right now.  They usually come out in the morning and evening to eat.  We have a lot of Clover growing in our back yard, right in front of the barn.  The Groundhog's love clover.  
Want to see them close up?  Just click on the bigger to make it larger. 

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