Saturday, September 28, 2013


This weekend is the The Duck Tail Run and James Dean Festivals.  All taking their place here in my town and a town about 4 miles from us.  It's an annual thing, the last weekend of September.  We have a flood of people and old cars.  We don't have to go anywhere to see the cars.  They come past our house.  Our road is one of two that actually goes across town.  So it's a pretty busy road.  While sitting out in the front yard you will see......

55' or 56'

And this one...not sure what year or make, maybe the 30's.


  1. Must be nice to see the parade of old cars driving by. Our town is also celebrating Octoberfest with lots of good food and music.

  2. Get in and get some close-ups Sherrie!


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