Saturday, December 14, 2013


The Christmas Box Collection - Richard Paul Evans

Product Description(
The Christmas Box
A Christmas story unlike any other, The Christmas Box is the poignant tale of a widow and the young family who moves in with her. Together, they discover the first gift of Christmas -- and what the holiday is really all about.
Tracing the lives of a young couple as they discover love, loyalty, and the power of forgiveness, Timepiece is a tale of wisdom and of hope -- and a gentle reminder that the connections from one generation to the next are indelible.
The Letter
A mysterious letter is found at the grave of a couple's only child in this unforgettable conclusion to the collection. As they face love's greatest challenge, they find its truest meaning and learn the lessons that are echoed throughout.

This was my book club's selection for December.  I really enjoyed reading this collection of stories.  The author took you inside the lives of this family.  Through the generations he connects all the "dots" so the story is complete.  I really like that about a book.  I like to have all the "dots" connected.   If your looking for a wonderful Christmas book to read this is the one.   

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