Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Audrey over at Quilty Folk is hosting a challenge.  To make a circle everyday, so at the end of the year you will have a whole years worth of circles.  And over at So Scrappy, the challenge is to use your scraps of fabrics to make a quilt for the year.  Each month is a new color combo.  I joined in on both of these challenges a little late so everyone has a head start on me.  But I've kind of got caught up.  So here goes.....
January - Blue With Purple
I've started putting my January circles together.  One more row and it will be done.

February - Brown With Pink

March - Purple With Yellow
April - Orange With Brown or Black
May - Green With Brown
I got a little carried away with the green.  Totally forgot about the brown.  As for what day I'm on for the circles, I'm at day 151.  I haven't started my June circles yet.  If your wondering about the Gray I'm using to fill in the calendar, I'm going to make those smiley faces.  Using buttons and embroidery.


  1. wow that is some catching up! Great selection of circles :) What a clever idea to mix the two challenges together :)

  2. I had never thought of putting the circles and the scrap challenge together but it's an inspired idea. Your circles are looking good.

  3. This is going to make the most unique quilt. Way to go.

  4. Wonderful groupings of circles, and a remarkable job catching up on all those circles. Your quilt will be lovely.

  5. No such thing as too much GREEN... in my opinion!! Hope you have some fun with AQUA, too.


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