Sunday, June 5, 2016


We have lived here for 35+ years.  These roses where here when we moved here.  So they are at least 35+ years old.  I know it's an antique rose by the petals, but not sure what kind of rose it is.
It's a climber as you can see.  It's climbing up this tree and yes that's poison ivy mixed in with it.  It starts out as a very dark burgundy, then fades to a lighter red.  And they smell so good.  I'm also linking up with St. Germain's Blog for Seasons.


  1. I love this rose - and its name fits the thought of what antique is about! Many thanks for sharing this beautiful climbing rose with SEASONS! Welcome and hope to see you back next week! Enjoy this beautiful week:)

  2. I don't know their name but they are certainly lovely! I didn't even notice the poison ivy as I do not react to it so I don't look out for it :)

    We moved into a old original farm house, probably from the '60's and there are roses that I'm sure were planted about that time. Mine don't have so many petals but I found the names on this site: You might find yours there, too.

  3. Such a lovely and rich color. Very pretty roses.


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