Sunday, May 27, 2018


I have this piece of overgrown, weed infested ground under my kitchen window.  It started out as a rock garden.  Over the years it's turned into a weed patch. 
Most of the rocks are still there and one plant has survived.  The Yucca plant is actually thriving.  It started as one plant and it now has 3 plants.  This spot has sun all day, but gets some evening shade.  I've been thinking about making a desert garden out of it.  The soil isn't the best so it would be perfect. 

While I was at the library last week, I picked up a gardening book. 
Gardening Shortcuts - Jenny Hendy

This book is full of great ideas for your whole yard, from borders to beds, from pots to sculpture.  It also gives you the names of the flowers to put in your garden.   Really great book.....I give this book 5

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  1. Love books like this that are straightforward about what exactly to plant. I too have a yucca that is now three. I keep meaning to divide it.

  2. Hi Jocelyn
    Thanks for stopping by. I've tried and tried to leave a comment at your blog, but it won't accept my comment. I've even tried sending you an email, but that doesn't work either.


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