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Upon A Spring Breeze - Kelly Irvin

Product Description(Amazon)
After a devastating winter, a spring breeze promises more than new flowers.... It promises a new chance at love.

Bess Weaver, twenty and expecting her first child, is in the kitchen making stew for her beloved mann, Caleb, one minute, and the next she's burying him after a tragic accident. Facing life as a young widow, Bess finds comfort only in tending the garden at an Englisch-owned bed and breakfast--even as she doubts that new growth could ever come after such a long winter.

Aidan tries to repress his guilt over his best friend Caleb's death and his long-standing feelings for Bess by working harder than ever. But as he spends time with the young son his friend left behind, he seems to be growing closer to the boy's beautiful mother as well.

When a close-knit group of widows in her Amish community step in to help Bess find her way back to hope, she begins to wonder if Gott has a future for her after all. Will she ever believe that life can still hold joy and the possibility of love? 
Series: An Every Amish Season Novel (Book 1) 
Hardcover: 495 pages 
Publisher: Thorndike Press Large Print; Large Print edition (June 7, 2017) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 1410499723 
ISBN-13: 978-1410499721

MY THOUGHTS:  This book takes place among the Amish folks.   Bess is devasted when her husband is killed in an carriage accident.  Bess is 8 months along with her first child.  What will she do now that she hasn't got Caleb?  Bess begins to doubt her faith and tends to keep to herself.  Her family is worried about her.  Until a few close group of widows step in to help Bess.  But could her future bring Bess the happiness and love she wants?  I give this book 4.......

This book is for 3 of my reading challenges.....
Library Love Challenge......
Outdo Yourself Challenge......
What's In A Name Challenge.....
I finished What's In A Name Challenge which is being hosted by Charlie over at The Worm Hole.  This is my list of books read.....

1.The word ‘the’ used twice -The Lioness is the Hunter  - Loren D. Estleman
2. A fruit or vegetable -The Cantaloupe Thief - Deb Richardson-Moore

3. A shape -Gun Boss of Ttriangle - Barry Cord
4.  A title that begins with Z -Zigzag  -  Bill Pronzini
5. A nationality  - Last Christmas in Paris - Hazel Gaynor/Heather Webb
6. A season - Upon A Spring Breeze - Kelly Irvin

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