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"The Bride's Farewell" by Meg Rosoff
Product Description(
A young woman runs away from home and finds love in the most unexpected place
In Meg Rosoff's fourth novel, a young woman in 1850s rural England runs away from home on horseback the day she's to marry her childhood sweetheart. Pell is from a poor preacher's family and she's watched her mother suffer for years under the burden of caring for an ever-increasing number of children. Pell yearns to escape the inevitable repetition of such a life.
She understands horses better than people and sets off for Salisbury Fair, where horse trading takes place, in the hope of finding work and buying herself some time. But as she rides farther away from home, Pell's feelings for her parents, her siblings, and her fiancé surprise her with their strength and alter the course of her travels. And her journey leads her to find love where she least expects it.
# Hardcover: 224 pages
# Publisher: Viking Adult (August 6, 2009)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0670020990

MY THOUGHTS: I got this book as a review book. I have read a couple of Meg Rosoff's books before. This one I loved. It's set during the year of 1850 and Pell is suppose to marry Birdie, but she runs away before her wedding. Pell is determined not to be like her mother. Having too many babies and living in poverty. Pell loves horses and knows everything about their care. She wants to be a blacksmith in a time when women didn't work outside the home. And being a blacksmith is a man's job. Hard times fall on Pell as she is at the horse fair. She loses her little brother, her horse and gets cheated out of her money. As Pell wonders the countryside from town to town looking for the man that took her money she finds lots of folks that don't except her for what she is. But Pell finds one of the men she met at the horse fair and stays the winter in his barn. Waiting for the man who took her money. Does Pell find her horse and brother? Does she find love? You'll have to read the book to find out. I highly recommend this book if you like reading about this century and the people and ways they live.


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