Saturday, July 30, 2011


My hubby went to a rummage sale and brought these pretty bowls home. They are Pyrex, Homestead collection.

The front of our house. No one ever uses the front door entrance, we use the garage as our main entrance.

The pear tree is loaded this year. Paitiently waiting for fall when we can pick them.

A wind chime that hangs on the deck. It's kind of weather beaten but still works.

Bella and Luke, budding artists, if they can keep the crayons out of their mouths long enough.

This is the bell that hangs outside in our backyard. And yes, it really works.

It's not very often I catch the twins motionless to take a picture. This lasted about 5 seconds and off they went.


  1. Love your new bowls! Those are treasures!

  2. We don't use our front door either. I really like the bell in your back yard.

  3. Love the pyrex and the twins sure look cute.

  4. I love the first two. I love the style of your house. Thanks for linking up.

  5. Love them all! Your have a beautiful home!


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