Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Anyone out there on the wireless network??  I don't really understand this process, but we are about to go wireless here at our house.  Why, well the cable company has jacked our bill up from 124.00 to 164 dollars a month.  When you live on a fixed income every penny counts.  So 40.00 more dollars on the month is just too much.  So our son, who is the computer tech here, is getting us all fixed up.  We will have wireless internet soon.  This is where our wireless is coming from.
See that water tower, that's where the wireless is.  It's about 7 blocks from our house.  Our son has been testing it out for the last month and he says the reception is really good.  The internet is a little slower than what we have been getting.  But we can live with it. 

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  1. they always have to find something to raise your bill more lol


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