Thursday, June 6, 2013


We had a stray cat hanging around here all winter and spring.  Well, she had babies in our barn.  But she has abandoned them.  So we have been feeding them.  They are about 4 weeks old now.  And eating solid food along with milk. 
Do you know how hard it is not to pick them up??  But we haven't touched them, hoping mom will come back.  But it doesn't look like she'll be back.  She's been gone for 2 weeks now.


  1. Socialize them get them to a vet and Neutred Quick, then they will be adoptable

  2. Sure hope the cute kittens find a good home.

  3. Hi Sherrie they are adorable. Do you have a system where your SPCA sterilizes wild cats, we have a system here which is great cuz it does cut down on unwanted off spring. cute cute cute


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