Sunday, January 5, 2014


Remember the black wooly worms I told you about?  Well, I think they were right about winter being bad this year.  Another winter storm is here.  6 to 12 inches for us.  With 23-30 mile an hour winds, making the wind chill's down to minus 35-45 coming tonight. 
This is our current radar.  That's all heavy snow.  They are saying 1-2 inches per hour.  It started snowing about 7:00am this morning.  There is already another 3 inches on top of what we already had.  It's a wet snow and it's sticking to everything.


  1. It makes for beautiful pictures! :)

    We don't have the snow here in NE but we have the freezing temps. They have already called off all schools tomorrow due to -30 to -40 temps tomorrow...ugh. Better find something inside to take pics of lol

  2. We don't have the snow, but the cold is unbearable with wind chills reaching unbearable limits. Not a good day to adventure outdoors.

  3. we've been watching the winter developments in the West (of France) and do not envy you. It is dreary weather in our part of France with more rain than I like but you won't hear me complaining, snow does make beautiful photos.


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