Saturday, October 18, 2014


A couple months ago we had some heavy equipment right in front of our house.
The city started work on putting in the new storm drain.  This has been ordered by the EPA.  They don't want rain water running into the city sewer system.  So the city is putting in a new Lift Station and drain pipes to separate it from the sewage.  And of course this makes a mess of the road, big gaping holes have to be dug.
Then the gravel and sand are added.

This has to be patted down.  This machine comes behind and pats it all down. 
A foot note, this process was very dusty.  There was an inch of dust on my car and it was in the garage.  So for several days we had all this equipment blocking our drive way.  But it's all done and the road has been repaved. 

NOTE: Hubby has finished his 2nd week of radiation and chemo.  He is doing pretty good.  No nausea or diarrhea so far. 


  1. Something to look at while he is on the mend! Ask the city to provide more entertainment for him!

  2. It seems like whenever cities decide improvements are necessary, a mess is made. Our prayers are with you and your hubby during this difficult time.


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