Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Have you ever wondered what is a classic movie?  I have this on my To Do List.  The list of my To Do items is in my tabs at the top of the page if you want to check it out.  Well, I went looking for this question and this is what I found.

{"Boise Classic Movies takes a wide stance on the definition of “classic.”   A movie is a classic  if it has impacted our culture or community.  So, Casablanca is clearly a classic, right?
Well, so is Top Gun.
Who hasn’t cried at least once when Goose dies?  Who hasn’t uttered the phrase, “I am dangerous, Ice……..Man!”?  Who doesn’t either swoon or wretch at the superfluous beach volleyball game?  Top Gun is a classic, though it’s not on AFI's Top List.
If it’s memorable, it’s a classic.  If it’s nostalgic, it’s a classic.  If we’ve seen it 10 times, it’s a classic.  If it makes us laugh, cry, cheer, or quote, it’s a classic."}

I went o AFI's Top 100 List to check out the list of movies.  I've seen almost of the 100 they have listed.  There are a few I haven't seen.  So I guess I'll put them on my list of Classic Movies to watch.  These are the movies I haven't seen.  I've also linked them all so you can check them out.  So what's your version of a Classic Movie??

1. Raging Bull
2. City Lights
3. The General
4. High Noon
5. Apocalypse Now
6. Intolerance
7. The Gold Rush
8. Nashville
9. A Clockwork Orange
10. Modern Times  
11. Sunrise
12. A Night At The Opera
13. Swing Time
14. Pulp Fiction
15. Do The Right Thing

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  1. Sorry Sherrie but any list that doesn't include "The Wizard of Oz" and "2001 a Space Odyssey" isn't a realistic list in my eyes or "Irma La Douce" for that matter.


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