Wednesday, November 12, 2014


this isn't the kind of victory garden most people think of.  This is a victory garden of books.  I was over at Bev's place, My Reader's Block and saw this.  So I followed the link.  Which sent me to The Beauty of Eclecticism.  This is what she said about this.

"My Victory Garden is a place where I finally lay to rest the books that have defeated me so often in the past.  Surely, most readers have these.  The book you have picked up time and again, determined to actually make it through it this time, either because you feel you should in order to be a well-read person (like War and Peace), or because life has interrupted it every time you start it, or maybe because you liked it but it was too mentally or emotionally challenging for your mood last time you attempted it."

My books are going to be the ones on my shelves.  I have lots and lots of them.  Haven't picked any of them up in ages, so I will be reading them now and planting them in my victory garden.  I've put a tab at the top of my page for this purpose.  Each book will be linked to my review.   If you want to try this out head over to The Beauty of Eclecticism and check it out.

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