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Swamp Team 3 - Jana Deleon

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What’s a little arson between friends? Undercover CIA agent Fortune Redding spent her first three weeks in Sinful, Louisiana dodging insults, makeup advice, guard dogs, bullets, and Deputy Carter LeBlanc, both professionally and personally. But just when she thinks things are going to settle down in the small bayou town, someone sets her friend Ally’s house on fire. Carter, who’d just started pursuing Fortune on a personal basis, goes back into cop mode and admonishes her to stay out of his investigation. This time, he swears he won’t issue any warning before arresting her. But with her friend’s safety hanging in the balance, Fortune can’t resist taking matters into her own hands and calls on her partners in crime fighting, Ida Belle and Gertie, to help. This is a mission for Swamp Team 3. 

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Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1940270146

My Thoughts:
This is book 4 of 5.  One more to go.  I am really enjoying reading this series.  This one is all about Fortune's friends.  And a little romance for Fortune with the deputy, Carter.  While Fortune's friend, Ally, is staying with her after Ally's house is burned, they notice a person creeping around.  Fortune tries to catch them, but doesn't get a good look at them.  Carter finally tells them Ally's was a case of arson.  This calls out the "gang". to investigate, Fortune, Ida Belle and Gertie.  They have to find out who set Ally's house on fire and who's creeping around Fortune's house.  What follows is a lot of mishap for the team.  Plus their prime suspect if killed.  Which leaves them confused.  Do they find the arsonist and the creeper?  You will have to read the book to find out.  

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