Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I was over at Prairie Moon Quilts looking around.  I visit Prairie Moon Quilts a lot.  She has some beautiful quilts at her place.   I found a beautiful quilt she was using as a quilt along.  I really liked all the pretty colors in this quilt, I also liked the idea of it.  It's a Strip Quilt.  I found a great tutorial on Strip Quilts.  You can check it out.   Anyway, she called this  the Happy and Scrappy Quilt.  

Well, I had a problem with this, I don't piece blocks.  It's a personal thing with me.  I get really frustrated when the seams don't match up.  So I do needle turn Applique.  But I really wanted to make one of this strip quilts.  Well, why not an applique strip I figured out the patterns I wanted to use and started cutting.  This my strip quilt.....
There are lady bugs, snails, birds, flowers and circles.  This isn't the best picture.
This is the top half of the quilt
This is the bottom half of the quilt
Now I have a dilemma,  I'm not sure what color of border to put around the quilt.  I've tried several colors, red, brown, black, purple and unbleached muslin,  but do not like the choices I have.  So I'm throwing this out to see if anyone else has some suggestions. 
I'm also linking up to Heather's Needlework Tuesday, hop over and check out her sewing project she has worked on. 

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  1. your quilt is very pretty. The ladybugs really grab my attention. I would use them to inspire your border. a black and red print and maybe a narrow yellow border.

    Thanks for linking up with Needlework Tuesday. I hope you had a wonderful time with your family over the holidays.


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