Thursday, September 21, 2017


well, maybe not this Thursday.  All the cars, vendors, and campers are in town for the Ducktail Run.  Last year there were 2427 cars registered, and 50,000 people came to this event.  All this in a tiny town of 2,000 folks.   So I hide out at home, not going out any more than necessary.

Now to what I do like.....

My kitchen all cleaned up....
The view from my window while I'm doing dishes.....
And I really like block 20 of my Crazy Quilt.....
I'm linking up with LA Paylor over at Not Afraid of Color for I Like Thursdays.


  1. Yay for a clean kitchen. And I like that crazy quilt block.

  2. oh, how cozy and pretty. It's what I imagine the kitchen of a writer would look like... know what I mean? The crazy block is so pretty!

  3. I know exactly what you mean about hiding out at home when the roads are full of cars and the town is full of people! Home is the best place! I love your view and your crazy quilt block!

  4. I see we both like chooks! Most of mine are currently packed away waiting for our house here to sell, but usually my kitchen is full of many Chooky items lol

  5. Very nice view and what is it about us women liking our views over the sink. I wanted to buy a house we visited (before we bought this one) because the view was so beautiful of a large leafed tree and then rolling hills. I could picture myself there so easily. Love your collection and the way your blocks are turning out...beautiful too.


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