Tuesday, March 20, 2018


I've been stuck in a rut and NETFLIX is the cause.  It's awesome watching t.v. shows with no commercials!  But it's also very addictive.  So one night I was bored with doing nothing while watching NCIS.  Pulled out some yarn and started making Granny Squares.
My Lap Afghan......to keep my legs and feet warm while watching t.v.

I've also been working on my button project.
A few more buttons and stitches have been added.  Since I'm using my mom's buttons, which I inherited, I've put MOM at the top of the piece.

It's also the New Moon, well that was actually on the 17th, so I'm late getting my TUSAL(Totally Useless Stitch A Long) posted.  What is this you might ask, you save all the snips of threads and yarns for a month and then show them off.  Pretty cool isn't it.  This is my March TUSAL.....

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