Tuesday, March 10, 2020


House Arrest - K. A. Holt


Timothy is on probation. It's a strange word—something that happens to other kids, to delinquents, not to kids like him. And yet, he is under house arrest for the next year. He must check in weekly with a probation officer and a therapist, and keep a journal for an entire year. And mostly, he has to stay out of trouble. But when he must take drastic measures to help his struggling family, staying out of trouble proves more difficult than Timothy ever thought it would be. By turns touching and funny, and always original, House Arrest is a middlegrade novel in verse about one boy's path to redemption as he navigates life with a sick brother, a grieving mother, and one tough probation officer.

This is another book rated Junior Fiction at my library.  I read a lot of their Jr. Fiction books...they have lots of really good books.  This one is written like a diary/journal.  Timothy is on probation and part of his house arrest...is he has to write in a journal everyday.....for a year.  It was slow going doing this, but Timothy finally got the hang of it.  It's full of moments that make you smile, and others make you want to scream or cry.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  *****

This book is for 1 of my reading challenges.....

Monthly Key Word Challenge(House)

When I'm not reading, I'm working on a quilt or embroidery.  At this time I'm working on my niece's quilt.  She wanted a Stitch (as in Lilo and Stitch) Quilt.  I'm hoping to get this done before her birthday in August.  I have 2 more rows to put on, then the border.  Then put it all together and tie it.

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