Monday, March 16, 2020


Ouabache - David A. Lottes

 Ouabache is the old French spelling of Wabash, the Algonquin word waapaahšiiki, the name the Miami Indians gave to the river that runs through Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. This is a novel about life in the valley during the French Colonial period. It has been over three centuries since the first of these French-speaking adventurers paddled their canoes down the Wabash River and the details of their everyday lives are still largely a mystery. The novel I have written is based on a mix of facts and folklore. I hope it will entertain readers and inspire them to learn more about the Wabash Valley.

This is my book clubs choice for March.  Since I live in Indian, I thought this book could give me a bit of a history lesson.  And it did!  The names of Native Americans that living around the Wabash River at the time.  One of which was the Miami's.  My grandmother was of the Miami tribe.  This story follows the French and English that were trying to settle this area at the time.  The Forts that were there and the men and women who where solders and settlers.  Really good book. *****

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