Thursday, June 11, 2009


My hubby is a rummager, hard core! He hits the rummage sales early in the morning! He brings home lots of goodies. Last week he brought home this bird cage.

As soon as I saw it, I wanted to put it in my garden. I'm always looking for things to put in my garden. Not for the birds, but to look pretty! I tried it in the garden, but it is kind of top heavy, and wouldn't sit straight. So I moved it to the deck. Added a pretty pot, which came from the rummage sale, go some pretty flowers and ribbon and this is the result!

So what do you think, cute! Well, I think it's cute anyway! My hubby likes it too. And since it's so top heavy, even more since I put the pot in it, I've moved it to a corner and wired it to the deck. You can't see the wire. But now the wind won't knock it down.


  1. I wish my husband liked garage sales! I find some great buys at yard sales and estate sales and such. I would have grabbed up that bird cage myself and plopped it right outside, as you did!

  2. My hubby brings home goodies too! Aren't we so lucky? I really like the birdcage. I found one similar at a thrift shop, but they still wanted about $30 for it. Kudos to your hubby!

  3. Great job! I do like the birdcage with the flowers and ribbon. I'm glad you mentioned wiring it to the deck, because I thought the same thing - if it was top heavy without a pot and flowers, imagine what it was like now :)

  4. Love the birdcage that your husband found. I think it is lovely outdoors. Great idea.

    Very fun to have a hubby who enjoys thrifting also.


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