Thursday, June 18, 2009


Does anyone have mason canning jars sitting around doing nothing but collecting dust? I have several of the blue ones that my hubby kept buying at rummage sales. He would bring them home and put them in a box in the barn. One day I brought them in, washed them and put my button collection in them. They have labels on them as to what color they are. Some of the buttons are my mom's and some are from my Great Aunt Peggy and some are mine I have picked up here and there. I proudly put them on a shelf to show off. Most of the jars my hubby gave less than 1.00 for at the rummage sales. Don't they look nice holding all my buttons instead of dust?


  1. Organized and intersting! I love glass jars, they are good for some many things!Thanks for participaing in Thrifty Thursday this week! I was late in posting the links, so forgive me. It's my fault that you may have some late visits.
    Thanks for partcipating. Next week I will be back on a good schedule!

  2. I have one Mason jar that I bought recently that I plan on posting about next week--I love the ones with the tin and ceramic lids!

  3. they are very pretty!! I love how they look all together...

  4. I have a few of those old mason jars and they are so pretty. It's a shame to keep them hidden. I have mine on a shelf and keep beans and pasta in them.

  5. A great place to put your button collection!! I have a lot too (buttons) thinking I would use them for crafts which I never did. maybe I will put them in mason jars for a little vignette!!

    Great idea for TT! :-)


  6. Yes, they look better with fun stuff inside! I have 50 cent pieces and Susan B Anthony dollars in one, marbles in another and colored golf tees in a third. I bet shells, rocks, children's plastic barrettes or any other fun colorful small items would look great in those.


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