Saturday, March 3, 2012


 I'm working on Christmas ornaments for the month of March. I have 10 patterns picked out and I figure if I make 3 of each (one a day) I will have 30 for the month. I got all my patterns over at Crochet Pattern Central, you can go and check them out. Once at Crochet Pattern Central, click on the Directory of free patterns, then scroll down and click on Christmas, then click on Ornaments. There are lots of patterns to choose from. These are the ten I'm working on.

Christmas Ball(2 done)

Christmas Gift Ornament

Bewitching Owl Ornament

Mitten Ornament

Christmas Light Ornament

Christmas Candy Ornament

Crochet Paper Chain

Shell Angels

Christmas Tree Ornament

Crocheted Christmas Ornament

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  1. Those are all adorable designs!! You are going to have such a lot of wonderful decorations by the end of the month!


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