Saturday, March 31, 2012


I made Christmas Ornaments. I had it all planned out, had my patterns and was ready to go. OOOOPS......a couple of the patterns didn't work out so had to improvise. Do you remember making paper chains to hang on the Christmas tree? I do, I crocheted mine. They will be hanging on my tree this year. Along with my other ornaments I made. Here's a run down...

Paper Chain
Owl Ornaments-3
Tree Ornaments-3
Light Ornaments-3
Mitten Ornaments-3
Package Ornaments-3
Decoration Oranments-3
Ball Ornaments-3

My biggest project right now is my Granny Got Color Blanket. I'll be working on that for the month of April. I have 4 rows done and there are 9 rows all together.

So what are you working on??


  1. Love the ornaments and your crochet chain. Best of luck with your afghan , its looking amazing already.

  2. what a cool idea doing decorations like this and at this time, and I love the name of your afghan project and the afghan colours...

  3. Your decorations look fabulous! Good luck with the afghan. You have made a good start and it looks great already.

  4. WOW!! That's so great that you got all those ornaments done this month!! And I love the crocheted "paper" chain; what a great idea. Maybe you will get that afghan finished next month, what do you think??


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