Sunday, December 31, 2017


Well, it's New Year's Ever.....again.  I'm going to stay home...which I always do anyway, but I'm going to be working on my pillowcases and reading today.  The pillowcase I'm working on is a set I picked up a few years ago and stuck them in a drawer.  One is almost done.
As for what I'll be reading...The Backyard Parables by Margaret Roach.  Hoping to get some ideas for a garden I'm working on.  We'll see....
I've also gotten all my reading challenges done for 2017...
Alphabet Soup Challenge - Goal 26 books - Read 26 Books-I'll be joining the 2018 Challenge
Outdo Yourself Challenge - My goal was 68, Read 79 books-I'll be joining the 2018 Challenge
Library Love Challenge - Goal, 50+ books, Read 58 books - I'll be joining the 2018 Challenge.

Month in Review
Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon
The Madman of Piney Woods - Christopher Paul Curtis
Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk - Kathleen Rooney
T is for Trespass - Sue Grafton
Orphan X - Gregg Hurwitz
Zoya's Story - John Follain/Rita Cristofari
A Year Down Yonder - Richard Peck
Vicious Circle - C. J. Box
S is for Silence - Sue Grafton
Birdseye...The Adventures of a Curious Man - Mark Kurlansky

Everything, Everything - Nicola Yoon

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  1. I must read Everything Everything...and I like seeing the Sue Grafton books on your list. She will be missed!

    I also enjoyed Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk.

    Have a great day...and Happy New Year! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. Wow...super reader! Here's to a year of words and creating!

  3. Thanks for the list of books to check into! I need to start reading more and being on Facebook less. That is my goal for 2018. Hope you have a Happy and Healthy New year.

  4. You made really good use of the library so a great example for me, I am joining the challenge for this year (already 2018 here!) and while I put 24 I hope to go beyond that.

    Love the embroidery on the pillow slip.

  5. Everything Everything is supposed to be quite good!

    Happy New Year!!

  6. Your pillow case is coming along nicely, I think I need a new reading challenge for this year. I loved Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk.

  7. Wow, you’re so talented. Loved your pillowcase. Gorgeous. Glad to hear you had a wonderful reading year as well. I’m not good with book challenges. That’s why I don’t participate in any.
    Happy New Year. Have a wonderful 2018. 😁❤️

  8. Ah embroidery - what a mindful way to start the New Year. It reminds me of my unfinished projects too.
    I'm glad you're joining the Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge this year too. Good luck with it.
    Have a wonderful 2018, Sherrie.

  9. Your pillowcase is coming along nicely. It is so very pretty. I am amazed at the number of books that you read this past year. I am lucky to get through one a month during the school year. There is just too much extraneous work and crafting to be done. I do love to read though. Happy New Year.

  10. Great reading month. I liked Everything, Everything too.

  11. I love the way you set out this post. I'm going to follow similar lines and link up with Corinne's challenge. Thank you. #Thankful Thursday


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