Sunday, January 21, 2018


TAST - Take A Stitch Tuesday - Pintangle
TUSAL - Totally Useless Stitch A Long - It's Daffycat

Take A Stitch Tuesday is learning embroidery stitches.  Sharon is the host.  She gives an embroidery stitch every Tuesday for you work on.  This weeks stitch was the Fly Stitch.  This is my Fly Stitch.....
Piggy 3...the Fly Stitch is at the bottom of the pig.

Totally Useless Stitch A Long is saving all those clipping from threads and filling a jar, box bowl or how ever you want to save them.  Daffycat is the host.  I did quite a bit of embroidery this month, mostly on the pig and some on the pillowcase, which got one done.  This is my ORT's for January.....
I picked up a Ball Jar and started filling it.  So I really need to dump this out and wash the jar, it looks rather messy at the moment.

Slow Sunday Stitching - hosted by Kathy
I also got my Easter Quilt sandwiched and in the hoop.  I'll start tying it today.  This is my hoop on a stand.  I use it to tie my quilts.  My mom got this for me for Christmas one year.....a lot of years ago.
 This week Kathy is having a photo challenge for Slow Sunday Stitching.  It's all about hoops.  I have one 8" hoop I use the most, but at the moment the outside ring has come up missing...searched but haven't found it yet...but I will, if I have to tear the house apart. lol
This is the hoop I'm using now, I don't like the bigger hoops much, as I can't get my fingers behind the fabric to feel what I'm doing...does that make sense to anyone???

I was blog hoping and found this awesome project to work on.  While hoping off of Slow Sunday Stitching to Quilting by the sea, I came across a 365 Project.  You can check it out over at Ashley's place.  She put buttons and stitches in a 10" embroidery hoop.  You have to see the finished project to appreciate it.  I have been looking for something I can work on all year.  So I think I'm going to hop on this challenge.  Have to make a run to Hobby Lobby to get a hoop and some buttons.  So I'll be starting mine either tomorrow or Tuesday.  I'll update once a week to let everyone see how it's coming along.
Hope you all have......


  1. Looking forward to seeing your 365 day button and stitching project!

  2. Sherrie, lovely stitching update and your orts are mounting. I will check out that 365 challenge as I enjoyed the circle one in 2016 so much.

  3. Beautiful ORTs! LOL at the dusty jar. More stitching time, less cleaning things!

  4. You have been busy. Love the Easter quilt.


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